The great serpent: a deceiver or a healer….

We are in the great time of year called lent.  Easter will be upon us next month, our opportunity to reach deep within ourselves to let something die and something new emerge in transformation of the “I am” we truly are.  Gosh, this is so easily said!  It takes discipline through faith and perseverance not to eat that dessert we gave up or drink that glass of wine that tastes so fabulous when we’re cooking dinner in the kitchen, especially if one has been so lovingly seduced by the Food Network!!  : – ) ! But I believe that the spiritual call we have for the opportunity to receive healing  for something profound within ourselves, is much deeper than we can conceive just through reason.  It comes upon us when we are ready and so the thought just to deny ourselves a dessert or drink, we realize, only scratches the surface of us.  Through faith though, He helps us transform our lives.

Dorrance Publishing Company just recently published my new book of poetry and photographs, Walking On His Footstool.   My journey of enlightenment has also recently been discussed in a book review by the Berkshire Eagle News Paper.   One of the most compelling photos I took during this time of adversity, was a cloud formation that emerged into what appears to be “a serpent.”  This culminated photo of the serpent appears on page 89 of my book, with the poem I wrote for it on facing page number 88.

The following photos are a succession of the cloud formation as I watched it one rainy spring morning last year in Massachusetts where I live.  I believe the serpent cloud is a message from our creator, of the opportunity for humanity to transform its universal worthiness into divine respect; a reverence for our Creator, each other and for the earth.

His eye in the sky is communicating……

Storm clouds converging over corn fields East of Route 47, Hadley, Massachusetts

And He forms the serpent…..

Converging storm clouds form a dark "Snake" cloud over corn fields East of Route 47, Hadley, Massachusetts

To reveal His gift of light, which has the opportunity to transform us, if we let Him.

The jet stream and sunshine dissolving dark storm clouds into glorious morning sunshine over corn fields, East of Route 47, Hadley, Massachusetts

Here is the poem that came to me in this experience of feeling the storm come on and seeing the clouds take form:

The Lord is the One who casts the serpent on the light of His truth.

His all knowing eye sees the iniquities of us all.

We, none of us are exempt.

Government, commerce, religions, groups, family, friendships.

We must lift up directly and strongly to Him,

And pray for Him,

To bless us with the gift to understand,

His meaning of divine respect.

To learn how to give it to ourselves,

And to earn it from each other through him.

I find it a curious syncronicity that a “venomous Egyptian cobra has gone missing from New York’s Bronx Zoo…” Could  the Big Apple be spiritually proposed as an example of one of our world’s largest structures in terms of a city, as an opportunity to transform its earthly material manifestations to a new beginning of respect in our human existence?  On the other hand, it could just be another day in New York City…

Here is another beautiful reference to the serpent as a great healer in a folk tale told by Robin Hewitt.  I love the part where the serpent, which has grown so vast and overpowering in all its darkness, was finally put to death and gave to the people the gifts meant for them individually from the LORD.

The serpent, a deceiver or a healer?  For me, a healer!

©2011 Cindy Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

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“Walking On HIS Footstool,”

A trail from individuation to divine respect. 

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