Walking On HIS Footstool: Author Commentary

11 September 2014 Updated Entry to the Author Commentary below:

Walking ON His Footstool is exclusively available in a collectible, soft, glossy edition by contacting the author at Cindy_dove@me.com.

Greetings and thank you for visiting my post today!  I would like to introduce you to my new book, Walking On HIS Footstool.  This picture book is an inspirational story of life, woven into a collection of poetry and photographs.  It is available in both an electronic version and a collectible glossy paperback edition. You may view a preview of my book at google.  You may also purchase it online at Amazon.com.  Here it is!

An Odyssey Woven In Poetry And Photographs

Recently, I was interviewed about my book by a news publication.   I would like to present the entire perspective that I offered for this interview.  You can also view a press release about my book as well as a book review by the Springfield Republican in Springfield, Massachusetts.  The actual book review that came from this interview can be seen on my “News Releases” page.   It  was written by Cory Urban for the Springfield Republican Newspaper in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Q.  When was the book published?
This book was published in December of 2010.

Q.  This is your first book?                                                                                                       A. This is my first book published by a publishing company.

Q.  Is the book available locally or just on Amazon.com and the publisher’s
website.                                                                                                                                             A.
In addition to Dorrance Book Store online, Walking On HIS Footstool  collectible glossy edition, is available for purchase at the retailers listed below:

Q.  Are the snow photos in the book landscape shots?                                                  A. Snowy landscape is not a correct description.  I mean, it is a beautiful description but  not my intent on how I would describe the content of my photos.  I am intuitively prompted by my higher self to take a photo.  When I interact with nature it is like a prayer.  So I suppose that when I take a photo of our earth (this is not all the time, but when it is supposed to be) there is a spiritual communication I am receiving and that is what I see in the picture.  It is a very strong sense I have when I take the photo.  I don’t know how else to describe it.

Q.  How many of your poems and photographs are in the book?                            A. This is an important question.  There are about 82 poems.  Each poem corresponds with a photo so about the same amount of photos.  In many of the photos, the spiritual energy can be seen with plain eyesight.  But to receive the fullest spiritual understanding, the reader needs to calmly read the poem and allow the spiritual energy from both the poem and the photo to unfold within their senses.  Reading the book is a sensory experience in emotion, thought and intuition.  It is a depiction of the universal energy in all of us, ie happiness, joy, anger, struggle, disappointment, fear, courage, faith, perseverance, strength, hope, love, etc.  In creating this book, I hoped to convey to the reader that they have the opportunity to choose to discover their own personal doorway to God, which is the gift of our personal choice to reach for Him in faith through all of our life experiences.

Q.  Where did the name of the book come from?                                                           A. I read the Christian Bible every day.  Many times I randomly open to a passage.  Several times upon doing this as I was putting my book together, I randomly opened to Acts 7:49,50  Steven’s Defense

“Heaven is My throne and the earth is the footstool of My feet.                                                  What kind of house will you build for Me, says the Lord?                                                            Or what place is there for My repose?                                                                                                Is it not My hand which made all these things?”

In the section of my book entitled, “A New Beginning,” the first photo is a cloud picture that appears as “the hand of God,” with the sun having descended from a downward flow of cloud energy to arrive resting in the palm of His hand.  I took this photo over beautiful farm fields in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts.  The feeling in me was profoundly small and insignificant as I watched the cloud moving into position to form the hand.  I instinctively felt this to be a message that He is here with all of us on earth and that He wants us to be reminded of His intent for us individually and for humanity.  Geographically, the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts is one of the most fertile regions in the world.  The inhabitants of this region truly give reverence to the earth here in the way they farm the land.  I also think His “hand”  cloud is a message about this reverence, for us humans to treat our earth with divine respect everywhere.  It is the only earth we’ve got.  God includes all of us divinely in humanity and we all walk on his footstool, hence the title, “Walking On HIS Footstool.”

Q.  How does the book help readers build self esteem?                                               A. I believe this book is an invitation for readers to go deeper into their senses of thought, feeling and intuition, to understand how we choose our thoughts and feelings that become our choices to act.  By calling upon God through faith in the knowing that He gives us the spiritual energy through our higher selves to see the truth about who we are in our thoughts and feelings, He helps us learn to trust ourselves more in the choices we make every day.  We become personally responsible for our actions, can acknowledge our mistakes, pray for forgiveness, forgive ourselves and move into the unique creativity He means for us to have.  The self esteem building begins here because we learn we can trust ourselves more and more in the choices we make.  This trust leads to confidence in our own unique identity, that we can believe in ourselves, in every corner of our lives, even in the face of opposition.  This trusting of oneself supports the creation of strength, courage, and perseverance to live our true, unique creativity and love ourselves for living it.

Q.  What role does God play in the book?                                                                         A. You mean who is God?  God to me is the divine creator of all that was, all that is, and all that is to come.  He calls us to Him every way He possibly can.  I believe this book He gave me to write is one such way.  I believe my book is a communication from Him as a way for people to know Him more directly and personally by choosing a stronger intent of faith to call upon Him to know His gifts meant individually for us.  I don’t necessarily think this “calling upon Him” is a question of how (physically through our house of worship or through nature, etc) we make our way to God.  I believe He means for us to reach for Him in our minds and in our hearts so that we know Him more fully.  In this way we are stronger in our unique identity given us by Him and look less and less to the environment for the approval of our worth.

Q.  What was your “seven years of adversity”?                                                               A. This was a period of time in my life that amounted to many profound emotional culminations of the realization that not trusting myself in choices I made, brought the result of painful and difficult life situations.  The other painful realization was that I didn’t feel good enough about who I was and that also translated to not trusting myself.  Rather than speak about the feelings of victim consciousness for these experiences, I would rather expound on the importance of taking personal responsibility for where I was at the time in valuing my sense of self, which put me in the situation then.  It is more important to understand the realization of our part in the experience and the place of seeing the opportunity to make a better choice to heal and move to a level of consciousness within oneself that is inherently more self respecting.  What I found was, that the more I turned to God in faith to help me through, the more I saw my particular situation at the time for what it was.  I could then through His love, burgeon love within myself, a love that feels divinely self respecting and adjust my choices that helped me transform low self worth into self respect fed to me through God.  Many of these choices created a challenging environment for me at the time, but choosing faith in God helped to create courage and strength within myself, which enabled me to work through these experiences in a much more emotionally healthy way.

Q.  Any more comments?                                                                                                           A. Yes!  I have a short video on my website that speaks about the prophecy of divine respect that I was given by God to speak about in this book.  May you enjoy the video and be blessed with a stronger intent of faith so He can bless you with His gifts for your highest good! Thank you for the opportunity to answer these questions and thank you readers for viewing my post!


Cindy Eksuzian

©2011 Cindy Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

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An Odyssey Woven In Poetry And Photographs

“Walking On HIS Footstool,”

A trail from individuation to divine respect.

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