Christ’s Passion in us.

Did you ever have this latent feeling of explosion inside??  This is the only way I can describe the feeling of being on the verge of who I truly am, knowing I am in there somewhere. The emergence of who I truly want to be I discovered, was a communication from God through my higher self…..

A poem for Christ’s passion in us and an insight for revealing our true light…..

Glorious sunlight breaking through on Mt. Toby, Sunderland, Massachusetts, walking one lovely morning.

What makes a star?
A renowned baseball player,
A champion ice skater,
A concert piano player,
A famous painter,

What about the shining light
In our mothers and grandmothers
Our fathers and sisters
Or our feisty brother?

In our families and communities
There are so many others,
A child in need
Can bring out the best in us,
Don’t you agree?

Many a winter walk up the Tower Road, Mt. Toby, Sunderland, Massachusetts

So when I walk toward me every day
Polishing my exterior every which way
Beneath the light of my good steps,
Is a duality worth considering
To find my most joyful play.

What makes a star?
The highest force in the universe
Reveals the light you are
When you are ready
To know His passion for your heart.

Sun light through the deep forest after a morning rain, Mt. Toby, Sunderland, Massachusetts

Have courage, choose faith
And turn to His spark.
It is really you He is lighting up
When you walk in your dark
You’ll discover that His light
Is never apart
From who you are.

©2011 Cindy Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

Today is 1 June 2012.  I just discovered an article on the BBC World News, of scientists studying the formation of galaxies underground, away from cosmic rays, through dark matter and its interactions with other particles.  I found this scientific study an intriguing parallel to the mysticism in spirituality.

Flashes of light are created when dark matter interacts with other particles.  Visit the article called, “Dark Matter Hunt.”

God bless to all during this very special week.

MS, NDR Communication Tools For Conflict Engagement

An Odyssey Woven In Poetry And Photographs

“Walking On HIS Footstool,”

A trail from individuation to divine respect.

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33 Responses to Christ’s Passion in us.

  1. Mr Blaque says:

    A lovely poem on faith, the light we hold inside is greater then anything material.

    • Thank you Mr. Blaque for reading and commenting on my post. Faith is so personal and profound to everyone. I love your comment about holding our light inside. Very nice and so true! Cindy.

  2. Jingle says:

    carry faith,
    make your life full of grace.

    stunning imagery of your sentiments, well done.

    Happy Rally.

    • Hi JIngle! I love your handle! It is so happy! Thanks for your encouraging words and I am so happy that you kept knocking on my door to get me to join your poets corner. You all are so awesome! Cindy

  3. wolfsrosebud says:

    Enjoyed your poem… thanks for being a spark.

  4. Very good. Encouraging and well presented. I also used a photo of sunlight through trees.

  5. meiro says:

    I like your poem and the pictures also.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Leo says:

    Beautiful words.. and the images as well. Especially the first and last images! Inspiring in the last verse, to keep faith in Him in all moments!

  7. Your words tie in with your images brilliantly. Everyone is a star in their own respect.

    • Andy, thank you very much for commenting on my post! Yes and our sparks are in transit with the opportunity to choose to shine from the inside out! A work in process! Your comment is very much appreciated!

    • Andy,I am not sure, this might be a duplicate reply, unless I forgot to hit the reply button to send but I just wanted to say thank you so much for commenting on my post! Your comment, “everyone is a star in their own respect,” is a beautifully said and spot on! Cindy

  8. Fred says:

    Thanks for sharing this. Your blend of image and picture flow well together & emphasize a very correct sentiment. Thanks:)

  9. genebrother says:


    An expression of belief is in the truth of that belief…
    “I am the Truth”
    Thank you for your expressions

    • I love your comment, “I am the truth.” For we are His truth. We were given life by Him by our birth. That is a miracle. That is His truth. Thank you so much for commenting on my post! I very much appreciate it! Cindy

  10. Paulami says:

    well thought poem. faith should bring the best in all of us.

  11. Beautiful poem on faith. I agree having my own daughter she reminds me everyday what life is really about

  12. magher1 says:

    You’ve got to believe in it at the core of your heart to feel something like that… Maybe one day I will find my way too. Bless you 😉

    • Yes…He gives us exactly what we can handle = the degree of struggle equals the light on the other side. Some have it easy, some don’t but, He is always there to hold our hand! Thank you so much for commenting. Much appreciated! Cindy

  13. swanrose says:

    very nice and the pics at perfect and in the perfect spaces. nice going

  14. clariice says:

    Each of us has the unique special streak in us. We are special in our own little ways.
    Thanks for painting it out 🙂

  15. frayedges says:

    Inspiring. You write very well.

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