May day expression…

I just love a May day!  Even when the weather report calls for clouds and rain!

In the poetry of heart I am off again…..

Rain captures white violets in new grass on the front lawn of May day expression!

A Veery Thrush
Sings in the woods somewhere.
On a damp Spring morning,
With showers in the air.

Up high in the evergreens,
I search for her there.
The sound of her trill
Motivates my will.

And I move from my coffee pot
Into a shower that’s hot.
Another daily routine
Off and running.
A new day brings
A song I sing
In my heart so clear.

Residing there
Is my flower chair.
And I twirl a rainbow,
When I look at the blossoms she wears.
I shall love to sit in her and bloom my hair.

To rest my feet
Among violets and grass
And lilies so fair.

Twirling by the Rainbow Mural at Mass. MoCA, North Adams, Massachusetts. Photographed by Mark Leach.

I’ve finished a project.
I’ve closed a door.
The earth has helped me
Bring it to the fore.

Transition has awakened.
A new road is taken.
Out of a jungle
Of traps and confusion.

Resistance is gone,
Flowing out of illusion,
And the path I see,
Pink Destiny, lined with birch trees,
Is the path I am walking on.

I am enveloped
In a sense of wonder,
To suddenly conceive the total entirety
Of the condition I’ve been under.

I’ve made it through
The twists and turns,
And especially the land mines
From which I’ve learned
That darkness can be
Your greatest teacher.

In this May day reflection
I emerge with a bright perspective,
And that is,
Obstacles and limitations
Are bridges to wisdom
And help one create new navigation.

All I can say is thank God for that!
One realizes the value
Of perseverance and patience.
These are the gifts given.

Oh to figure out sooner than later,
That hind sight is 20/20 in our living.
My new wheels are turning
Joy in being.

©2011 Cindy Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

I just love a May day!

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12 Responses to May day expression…

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  2. Jingle says:

    cindy, love your blog, your post is stunning..

    I feel refreshed reading this one.

  3. soaring talent in you is shown here.

    How is your day?

    Please share 1 to 3 poems with Jingle Poetry potluck today,
    Have fun!

    Love your talent, and appreciate your support very much!

    Old poems or poems unrelated to our theme are all welcome!
    Click on my link to visit and view the collection!
    All free and fun, no commenting requirement.
    Hope to see you share.


  4. Jingle says:

    Glad to see you share.

    you have until Thursday to do 18 commenting,

    have fun.

  5. Purvi says:

    Lovely lovely penning! simply flows free from the heart! I am Purvi 🙂

    Do drop in at ~

  6. Leo says:

    Beautiful poetry, and I so enjoyed that first photograph 🙂

  7. “I’ve made it through
    The twists and turns,
    And especially the land mines
    From which I’ve learned
    That darkness can be
    Your greatest teacher.”

    I love this stanza there’s so much wisdom and serenity in your poetry. Love the mural.

  8. Brilliant poem. The shifting of the rhyming couplets in each stanza really kept me focused on the poem, as well as giving it a unique quality that took me a while to find the soure of, very effective. A brilliant read.
    The Lonely Recluse.

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