A Mother’s day reflection down memory lane’s direction……..

One of the most glorious time’s in a mom’s life is birthing a child.  And especially, when that child grows up in the blink of an eye, the wonderful memories of his or her birth come back when he or she graduates from college.  All I can say is there is no brevity to describe this feeling but maybe some poetry and pictures will help!

A Mother’s Day Reflection Down Memory Lane’s Direction

Not quiet a Harley but working on it!

My child is emancipating.
He’s flying away,
Out of the nest.
He’s become so well dressed,
In all of his character accouterments.

The caped crusader on Halloween is never without his trusty light stick!

Even the ones that test me as a mom,
I love him with compassion and forgiveness,
For all of his personality, regardless.

Can you believe……

TIme to put the tools that rule into good use!

He’s traversed the halls of growth
At Northeastern University?
Our children bring us such happiness
To see their achievements.

Yesterday, he walked through commencement
On his fine graduation day,
And I feel like a mother should be,
I am so lucky to have him,
When he reminds me
Not to make him feel guilty!
Even mothers learn
When we love our family.

So, Happy Mother’s Day Mothers!

We moms love to bloom!

To all mothers,
Who, like I do,
Feel the same way! 

I love you mom! You're a Goddess! Photograph by Glenn Leach

Especially for my mom,
And our grandmothers
Because deep in our hearts
There truly exists
Such a joy
In helping our families
Love each other.

©2011 Cindy Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

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An Odyssey Woven In Poetry And Photographs

“Walking On His Footstool,”

A trail from individuation to divine respect.

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