In a world of ongoing conflict, sharing the light of our creator expands beyond dissimilarity.

Supporting spiritual messages from our Creator is so important to understand.  These are gifts for all of us to heal and evolve our souls.  Whether these messages come through individuals or religious doctrines, if they are truths given us from our Creator, then unmistakably, they are universal and honest-to-God genuine.   These truths resonate for the highest good of all humanity and for our earth so we should allow truth in the meaning of their transport to unfold.  I believe that our Creator chooses His communication path to deliver His messages to His people according to His will for us and we are His messengers for the good of all.

In a tribute for all the volunteers and participants I worked with this past Mercy Weekend, I would like to offer thanks for the Divine Mercy message, and this creation of poetry and photographs as a gift to the Shrine of Divine Mercy in Stockbridge, Massachusetts.

On Divine Mercy Weekend
I walked with others in the Light of God.
In pilgrimage I volunteered.
I gave support for others
To receive Divine Mercy,
And to myself, the Lord gave me felicity,
In His deep and abiding Treasury.

Snowshoeing on Mount Holyoke, South Hadley, Massachusetts

I walked in His purity.
My snowshoes were shaped
In Catholic teaching.
And His Divine Mercy message
Came through without flinching.
This is a truth
Made known to us from the LORD,
Within the structure of doctrine.

At one point,
I saw the sky turn pink
During Mass in sermon.
Particularly, I believe,
It was a message for me
To have compassion
About judging doctrine
For when we reach for the LORD
Through all instruction,
His message blesses us with loving.

Mercy Sunday….

Aerial photo of the grounds at the Shrine of Divine Mercy, Stockbridge, Massachusetts. Gratefully received from Arthur Dutil.

Today we are specs
In our pilgrimage
On Eden Hill
In Stockbridge, Massachusetts.

We are as our Creator would have us,
Keeping company in humility,
Praying for ourselves and others for Mercy,
Uniting universally.

Daffodils in bloom on Eden Hill, Stockbridge, Massachusetts. A spring blessing.

Daffodils are blooming
After winter’s sleep.
Under compost deep,
They’ve made it through
Snow and ice,
Encouragement for us
To walk with Him always…

With the Evergreens gleaming
And Aspens quivering,
Maples dropping blossoms,
New leaves photosynthesizing,
Man-made structures resting,
In the light of His Mercy.

Volunteers lending a helping hand to pilgrims.

We all smile up here.
For there is great company
In being a pilgrim and volunteer,
When we give to each other
An abundance of cheer.
The LORD is working us,
This is clear.

Andy, one of the Command Center Volunteers, embarks on extra jobs with a great big smile!

Oh yes…
Do you see what I mean?
All I have to do is ask
And I receive transportation!

Stockbridge Police Chief Richard Wilcox and Officer make sure activities run smoothly.

And be rest assured,
For your well being.
Emergency services abound everywhere
For pilgrims in need of safety and emergency health care.

Father Richard Drabik and volunteer suit up with communication to keep the grounds activities moving efficiently.

Did you ever wonder
What else a priest wears?
Well up here,
Some of the priestly garb
Becomes a working man’s wardrobe.
During Mercy Weekend,
This is also clear.

Ernie, Arthur and Beth doing a fantastic job with the communications system.

Oh my gosh!!!
Where would we be
Without the illustrious Command Center
To facilitate the entire workings
Of the LORD’s message
Of Divine Mercy?

Father Seraphim, Shrine of Divine Mercy, Stockbridge, Massachusetts

On Eden Hill
They are the center of the universe
For a spiritual production
Which begins with Father Seraphim
In his wondrous library of inspiration
Overlooking the heavenly grounds
Of Sister Faustina’s Divine Mercy plantation.

Ernie and Arthur demonstrating their fruitful comedy after a busy weekend of Divine Mercy.

But it’s the volunteers
Who bring forth merry making and communication
To facilitate ease of the LORD’s direction
For Mercy Weekend.

During Sermon,
The LORD streams communication
Through the church’s instruction;
And that is,
Divine LOVE blooms
In radiance red perfection.
His truth is an example
Within the structure
Of Catholic doctrine.

Blooming red tulips nestled in a foundation keeping company with a Yew shrub.

He shines His sun
On the Yew above
As encouragement
For us to choose
The death of separation
And step down into
His loving jubilation.

He brings forth
For us to conceive
That for all religions,
In Divine Mercy
We, all of us are forgiven
When we pray to Him.

Pilgrims gathered outside on the lawn to hear the Divine Mercy message, April 2011.

In the glory of our LORD, peacefully,
Under the canopy
Of His sunshine
In Mercy Divine
Humanity reaching
In Divine Love, forgiving
To glorify the LORD
In joyous feeling
With prayers for Mercy and healing.

I give thanks to every person
And piece of living matter,
To all the vendors, pilgrims and volunteers
To be with you all in participation
On Eden Hill in Stockbridge, Massachusetts
For Divine Mercy celebration.

In this giving and receiving
Of the Divine Mercy message,
Is another surprise inside of His passage,
He reveals His gift of the knowing
Of divine respect in creation.

MS, NDR Communication Tools For Conflict Engagement

An Odyssey Woven In Poetry And Photographs

“Walking On HIS Footstool,”

A trail from individuation to divine respect.

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  1. This is such a beautiful tribute to all the volunteers thank you for sharing and I loved the images =)

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