Merging Emergence….

A new beginning’s potential is most joyful when one reaches across the spectrum of their web of life to discover the myriad opportunities contained in the strands of its birth.  The poetry below can be found on (pp. 36, 37) in my new picture book of poetry and photographs, Walking On HIS Footstool.

Merging Emergence

Driving to Hawley, Massachusetts on a fine summer day to do business with one of the Town Departments.

I am drawn to Lady Birch.
She whispers to me,
The energy of new beginnings.
I stand quietly with her
On the grass of her still grove.

“Your paved path, says she,
Is a limited plane.
But you can expand the vibration
Of its opportunities,
When you walk through my leafy veil,
Into the cornfield of His harvest,
Where His light shines brightly on possibility.”

“He will show you, says she,
The way to light up,
The walk of your macadam experience,
And you will be joy in three dimension, eternally.”

©2010 Cindy Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

MS, NDR Communication Tools For Conflict Engagement

An Odyssey Woven In Poetry And Photographs

“Walking On HIS Footstool,”

A trail from individuation to divine respect.

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See my "about me" page.
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12 Responses to Merging Emergence….

  1. Jingle says:

    breath taking one.

    you rock.


  2. dunstancarter says:

    I like the idea of whispering birch trees and the floaty feeling your poem evokes

  3. Such a serene feel to this poem. Beautiful =)

  4. Though we all must walk our own path, people, places and things will give us guidance along the way. The farther we travel the stronger we become, towards whatever goal we have set on the path to our inner light. Great poem, I wonder if your “His” is referring to a lover or the Lord. Either way it was elegantly done. It was truly a pleasure to meet you and have a great life.

  5. Your words take me to all forests, not just this one, to all trees, not just this birch, to places that set me free. Thank you!

  6. Andy says:


    There’s something almost magical about the image you create in this poem.
    I like the opening lines too.

    Thanks for sharing.

    I appreciate you stopping by my blog.

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