Possibility: Can we discern spiritual truths within the context of a scientific frame of reference?

How do we make sense of spiritual communication made known to us?  Has a spiritual communication we’ve perceived come from our Creator to us through our higher selves?  Or, is it an astral communication from another person, a projection to our unconscious from a remote viewer or astral traveler, who may have knowingly or unknowingly targeted our consciousness?  How do we discern that God is speaking to us, as opposed to other energies that we’ve attracted through our fears?  What if we could utilize an alternate means of objective consideration of spiritual communication, in addition to prayer, that would help us increase our faith in the LORD?  These are important considerations as we endeavor to know the spiritual truths God means for us to have on earth through Him.

In researching information for this topic that includes the study of mystical insights and their relation to our physical world, I came across an essay that studied the relationship between mysticism and logic.  In the following quote, the author, Professor Massimo Pigliucci at the City University of New York,  studies the relationship between an individual with an expert intuition and academic experts, who utilize methods of logic in academic fields.  He says, Of course, even though an expert’s intuitions about a particular domain are far more reliable than a non-expert’s considered opinion, they are not infallible.  Which is why in academic fields from science to philosophy, experts’ insights are then carefully scrutinized by means of analytical dissection and comparison with the empirical evidence, where the latter plays a useful role.  In other words, even in the case of reliable intuitions, the best course of action is to filter resulting insights through rational, explicit analysis (if one has the time and resources).”  I think that this essay offers a valid discussion or debate for the possibility of considering the meaning of truth contained in multiple spiritual communications over time, when studied within a scientific frame of reference.

I would like to offer that this topic for discussion includes the consideration of discerning spiritual communication to help us understand alternate ways to make connections for truth and what is meaningful in our lives in regards to our spiritual endeavors.   I am not negating the doctrine of religions.  Regardless of any particular religion, I simply wonder how we can see an alternate way to analyze objectively, a spiritual truth in the midst of so much doctrine.  I also wonder how we can find alternate ways to understand the difference between a spiritual truth and the less worthy uses of spiritual energy, where others use their own personal will to command spiritual light at the expense of someone else.   What is meaningful to our lives spiritually, is meant for us universally.  God remembers everyone!  I believe an alternate way of discerning spiritual truth revealed within a context of a scientific frame of reference will help us believe more in the possibility of turning to faith, love and trust in the LORD.

What if we could perceive a way to consider spiritual communication we receive from our Creator through our higher selves in the context of a scientific frame of reference?  A scientific frame would provide for us a more grounded way to analyze whether or not the spiritual communication we have received is in fact a truth made known to us through our  higher selves.  What I am offering for consideration is a way to link the spiritual communication we receive and the spiritual communication received by others through the connection of communicated energetic threads over a period of time.  If the context of discoverable spiritual truth results in the same spiritual meaning and is universal, for us all,  then these communicated resulting values of interpretation of spiritual meaning could conceivably  hold a scientific frame of reference that is constant by means of being equal through time space, and provide an objective frame of reference in terms of a result in interpretation that has equal meaning, regardless of differing values of energy propagated in time space.

Through prayer and choosing to move close to our Creator for help through our lives in our efforts to live truth, we will be able to discern the spiritual energy to us from our Creator in our perceptions and link communicated threads of spiritual messages of other humans with ours to discern similar meanings or not.  Prayer and lifting ourselves to the LORD with faith, love, trust and thanks for all of our blessings, holds the key to helping us perceive correctly, the spiritual messages given to us by the LORD for our highest good.  Our highest good can also be perceived in universal terms and not for ourselves alone.  So to be able to discover that truths we perceive are in fact spiritual truths through prayer, linking to others perceptions of spiritual communication in some sort of objective manner can help us discern appropriately.  Spiritual truths from our Creator are universal  even though God speaks to us through our higher selves for what is for our individual highest good.  Saint Paul speaks of this in his passage of The Use of  Spiritual Gifts.                           

1 Corinthians 12:12,13,  “For even as the body is one and yet has many members, and all the members of the body, though they are many, are one body, so also is Christ.  For by one Spirit we were all baptized into one body, whether Jews or Greeks, whether slaves or free, and we were all made to drink of one Spirit.”

These considerations were made known to me the other day.  I was sipping my coffee early one morning and came upon another person’s written documentation of a spiritual communication to him from our LORD.  What intrigued me was that even though his spiritual communication that was made known to him in a context different from that which was made known to me, his resulting interpretation of the spiritual communication he received equaled the resulting interpretation I received, which I included for my book, Walking On HIS Footstool.   The entry in my book  can be found  on pages 12, and 13.

Even though each spiritual thread holds its distinct value, one emerged through a dream, the other emerged through a photo, the resulting interpretation of their meanings is equal, thus, they can be linked through time space and considered constant.  Therefore, this led me to believe that I was upon a spiritual truth for all of us, humanity.  Ultimately, this also provides for each individual person perceiving a spiritual truth, more validation in one’s own spiritual perceptions.  First I will discuss the spiritual communication I received and my interpretation, and then I will offer the text from this other person’s spiritual communication.   We can then analyze the commonalities.

In the spiritual communication I received, it was made known to me to stop my car on the side of the road and take a picture of a cloud formation in the sky.  This was a strong sense of intuition and so I did what I sensed I should do.  In this photograph I shot, a cloud had formed in the shape of a hand hovering above and very close to the earth.  The sun was resting in the palm of the hand, as if it had descended there from the downward flow of cloud energy appearing in the photo just above the hand.  The hand is lit and lights up the sky as the earth is shrouded in darkness beneath the hand.  Here is the photograph below and can also be seen in my book, Walking On HIS Footstool, on page 12, along with the biblical verse of Acts 7:49-50 Steven’s Defense, on page 13, that was strongly made known to me to accompany the photo.

A hand cloud with the sun resting in its palm. The sun lights up the cloud formation and the descending cloud energy to the hand forms a downward arrow of light. The hand cloud is positioned over the earth, which is shrouded in darkness. I shot this photo in Hadley, Massachusetts between Route 116 and Route 47 one evening.

Acts 7  Steven’s Defense

49  “Heaven is My throne
and the earth is the footstool of My feet;
What kind of house will you build for Me,” says the LORD?
“Or what place is there for My repose?

50   “Was it not My hand which made all these things?”

In Acts 7, the story of Saint Steven is revealed.  Saint Steven was an exemplary spiritual man, who rallied outspokenly the temple of God through the Holy Spirit.  “Yet not in houses made by hands does the Most High dwell.”  Thus, on earth, it is with our hands that we have the opportunity to walk in our daily choices with the light of the Holy Spirit, present in our hands, which manifest our choices, and can be for our highest good, God’s will for us, when we choose to include our higher selves in these manifestations.  The Holy Spirit that came through the voice of Saint Steven, spoke to his hands to act, which directed his feet to walk his purpose for the LORD.  From the larger perspective, Acts in our Holy Bible is about the demonstration of our actions.  Do we act from our own personal will alone, or with God’s will for us?

For me, this communication in the hand photo and the accompanying biblical verse is the LORD speaking to us to include Him, through the Holy Spirit, in the manifestations we create with our hands and this directs for us, “The Way We Walk.”   In order to heal the way we walk on earth and transform its darkness to light, we must receive the Holy Spirit into our lives, and manifest our choices with God’s light through our higher selves.

Here is the spiritual communication I came upon the other day that led me to believe in the possibility of linking these threads within a scientific frame of reference to better understand the revealing of a spiritual truth from our LORD  for us on earth.

The Way We Walk

“I had a dream this morning and in it I was walking on my hands, something people normally do not do.  Then I came to a messy kitchen area with a dirty, greasy floor.  I did not want to walk there especially since I was walking on my hands.  At that point I heard a voice saying, “many walk even weeping, but they are enemies of the cross of Christ.”  Then I heard the title spoken:  it is not that we walk, but the way we walk.’

Walking on one’s hands is unnatural for men in this life.  The natural man walks with his feet.  But when one is a priest for God he can do supernatural and allegorical things that are beyond the human imagination.  Under the crown of Heaven the priest of God becomes God’s hands.  He himself is God’s left hand and the right hand works through him.  Thus Heaven walks on its hands in the earth!  The earth has been described as God’s footstool and God has said of His children, “I will dwell in them and walk in them.”  (Isaiah 66:1, 2 Corinthians 6:16) This is especially true for God’s human priest.  Thus, while Heaven walks on its hands, God walks simultaneously in His feet in the same earthly priest!  All men walk on earth’s surface, a thing which devils cannot do.  (Isaiah 8:20-21, 29:4-5, Matthew 5:5)  It is not so significant that men walk, but it is important how men walk.

Both of these spiritually communicated threads, mine and this other individiual’s,  are messages from our Creator through our higher selves to us.  Separately, their references to biblical verse and the physical evidence of a photograph provide believable documentation as to them holding true spiritual value.  Yet still, there are those who may question the veracity of these messages.  What makes them a more powerful communication, to help people consider choosing to increase their faith in turning to the LORD, is their ability to  be linked within a scientific frame of reference.   This validates them being spiritually true because they now can be analyzed objectively to reveal a spiritual truth that is univer5sal.

Since one communication thread revealed itself through a dream, and there are no other facts to prove the interpretation and meaning of this communication other than its relationship to biblical passages, how do we, humanity, believe it to be a spiritual truth without some form of scientific frame so it can be referenced and analyzed objectively?  Are the biblical references in fact, all the proof we need to substantiate the interpretation of a dream?  Is my hand photo a clear enough picture of a temporary cloud formation to be considered a physical imprint of matter in our earth perceived by me as spiritual communication of a hand, a universal symbol?

To me, the spiritual truth revealed in both communicated threads and the spiritual connections both threads make to our Holy Bible ring true in the spiritual context of “The Way We Walk,” in the spiritual communication of this person’s dream and in the spiritual communication within my photograph.  Yet still, others require additional analysis in some objective form, to agree that these threads would in fact be a spiritual truth.

This is where I offer the consideration that communicated threads of spiritual communication over time, can be taken together in a context of a scientific frame of reference and be considered truth or not, because their potential answer from interpretation equals each other, or not.   Even though  the subject of their individual occurrences are different contextually, the resulting interpretation of both provides equal meaning and can be considered a universal message so therefore they form a  constant pattern.  This is a way to analyze consciousness energy propagation objectively.   Can this scientific frame of referencing spiritually propagated messages not be a method to help other humans discern truth in spiritual communications they receive?

To document further the commonality between these two spiritually communicated threads regardless of their differing contexts in different time spaces, food  is referenced in both communications.  In the man’s dream, he is walking on his hands in his kitchen.  In the kitchen we store our food and eat our food with our hands.  The food of the LORD is the Holy Spirit and we can receive this into ourselves to create with, in the manifestations of our hands in the way we walk.

In my picture, the geographical location is very meaningfully important from a universal perspective in terms of food.  I photographed this cloud formation in Hadley, Massachusetts, in the Connecticut River Valley, where many farms grow, produce and distribute food from our earth for us to eat.  There, farmers hands take part in the production of this food from the earth for us to eat.   We have the opportunity to receive the LORD’s food of the Holy Spirit from a community perspective, working our earth together.  The food we eat for our physical bodies sustains our health or not.  The spiritual food we choose to receive sustains our spirit or not.

The significance I endeavor to bring forth for this discussion is an alternate way to discern truth in spiritual communication through the possibility of considering how our spiritual perceptions relate to previous documentation and how they link to the spiritual perceptions  of others.  Through this alternate consideration of perception, one can build upon a scientific frame of reference to look at the collective of these spiritual perceptions more objectively, to discern spiritual truths given to us by our Creator for humanity and our earth.

Finally, what is the significance of this discussion in terms of our lives?  God uses every human on earth who hears Him, to communicate His presence to us.  These are universal messages meant for all of us.  We must continue to bring them forth to help each other rise in faith, love and trust to the LORD.  By discovering alternate ways to perceive and interpret spiritual communications more accurately, our faith in the LORD will continue to grow stronger and our higher selves will make known  to us whether  or not we are on the right track in all of our spiritual endeavors.

God Bless to all,
Cindy Eksuzian

©2011 Cindy Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

Bibliography:  Offered to refer to, support and or lend debate or discussion for the topic in this post:

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12 Responses to Possibility: Can we discern spiritual truths within the context of a scientific frame of reference?

  1. I thought faith was the point-that it couldn’t be proved-that we will never understand some things, The only real reason for the scientific process is to try and find proof. Is it needed, or isn’t faith just good enough sometimes?


    • Gloria, first of all thank you for ready these 2000 words I wrote! I really appreciate your comment. The point I am trying to get across is that spiritual communications that can be connected because their resulting meaning is the same even though they may be revealed in different contexts and in different time spaces yet hold universal meaning, actually can be analyzed objectively, therefore are a spiritual truth. To me this follows a mathematical pattern.

      • Math to me, is ordering. Anything. I don’t believe we can have universal truths because we order the world differently. From a religious standpoint, that becomes a point of order in which everything is derived and placed so that it can be understood in that context. For someone like myself, who does no believe in a god, the randomness is all around and apparent.


      • Hi Gloria and thank you so much for your reply to my comment. I really appreciate your point of view. I would politely disagree with your comment but I think you bring up such an incredibly valid discussion. My thoughts are this, how do we perceive a Spiritual Truth from God that He gives us in the midst of religious doctrine. There are so many different religions which order their faith through doctrine. You are right when you say “I don’t believe we can have universal truths because we order our world differently” and my answer to this point of yours is that doctrine ordered by man clouds spiritual truths, which I believe are universal (uni= One=God) He means these truths for all of us. So my point in the math is that math is objective, and it’s objectivity reveals a truth in its answer. A vibration of energy holds a value and becomes a section on a potential wavelength of light. If a form of consciousness energy can be considered a property or a section on a potential wavelength of light, then the propagation or movement of intent of this consciousness energy equals the vibration of it. If people intend anger then our would would be filled with the vibration of anger. If people intend to live truth by God’s will for them then these people would fill the world with God’s light of truth. The number of people who either fill the world with the moveable intention of anger or the movable intention of truth cause a constancy in this particular vibration and this creates a constant or continuity of either of those consciousness’ This becomes a living wavelength of light. Universally what do we want for our world? Personally I would prefer to be surrounded and filled with the joy and bright light of God.

  2. Catie Eliza says:

    I feel a little out of my depth reading this stuff, but although it is all very interesting I also believe tat faith without trying to get our human brains around it all is enough… How can we understand the science of God’s communication… His ways are not our ways, His thought’s high above and we can’t know His mind… Have I totally missed the point?

    • Thank you so much for reading my post. This was a long one and I really respect that you took the time to read it. Your comment “How can we understand the science of God’s communication,” is a great opener to hopefully help me explain my intent better to you. I wouldn’t call what I wrote is about “the science of God’s communication.” That is not what I meant. God’s communication to us is completely omnipresent and it is my belief that He chooses the way in which He wants everyone of us to individually receive His communication to us, according to His will for us.
      Having said this, my point about regarding multiple spiritual communications, either ones given individually to us by God, or ours in relation to spiritual communications given to others by God in some sort of a frame of reference helps us to study the context of these spiritual messages, what energetic planes they vibrate on and whether or not they vibrate truth, which is God’s love. I see this as an alternate way to analyze these messages, and their interpretations for the spiritual meaning for us individually, for humanity and for our earth. Why? To help each other, especially those in need of the ability to trust in having faith in the LORD, always move closer to God.

  3. Catie Eliza says:

    Hmm, Okay that makes more sense, though I admit I still feel a little out of my depth, but I think that probably I agree with you but would word it more simply. I mean I think the Spirit who lives in us is the one who helps us measure…? xx

    • Yes, Yes!!! Exactly! Our spirit helps us discern but we can also make these frames of reference in a mathematical way. Math is not my forte and physics, well…that would be challenging for me, but I believe once our spirit has helped us discern, we can use our mathematical reasoning to cause a frame of reference in understanding the spiritual vibrations being made known to us from our LORD, how they are meant to affect us individually, for humanity and for the world. This to help others who may not have the faith in God to receive them, or be inclined to believe in God as strongly as others do.
      Catie, thank you so much for this lively discussion!

  4. Catie Eliza says:

    Okay, so, because i’m slow at catching on here… give me a really simplified example of how this might work? xx

  5. I’ll be the village idiot here–I just am not seeing what math has do with anything. I like the idea of faith just for the purpose of being faithful.


    • You are no village idiot! And my sense is that you have a well inside you where faith in someone, something, something unseen, even yourself is like the plant in your “What if” poem! It is like the name of your WordPress blog. Whimsy…you see creation and adventure and magical things and then, Right There….you are honing your skills to pin point those beautiful things into manifestation! Everything takes time. Good luck in your baking class! I loved the picture of your braided bread! Cindy

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