The Prompt: Pay Attention To Our Own Light

Yesterday, I drove into town.  On a main street corner, evangelists were holding their signs shouting salvation through Jesus Christ.  It was a busy street corner.  I was stopped at a traffic light.  I had never been in the presence of this sort of activity before.  It was powerfully vocal as there was a large spiritual group present at the intersection.  I saw many pedestrians continue to walk on by.  Later, I drove by another location and saw a billboard that said, “Don’t Believe In God?”  A reference to a web site was listed beneath it, “www.secular(city).org.”  This was an advertisement for a place to belong, depending on where one lives, for those who don’t believe in God.

I began to wonder about the fate of identity consciousness or personality and whether or not we, people, can truly understand the uniqueness within us that defines our creativity, when we allow ourselves to be influenced by ideology and opinions simply because their vehicle of man made projection has an earthly presence much bigger then ourselves alone?

We all have a right to speak our truth in America.  It is our constitutional right.  My wonder is, that commercialism and the position of “the land of opportunity,” has blinded us to God and has clouded our religious faiths.  It is as if commercialism and its basis of opportunity has grossly invaded spirituality as there are groups competing to win people over to a specific ideology or doctrine.  And those people who are led into believing first through the voice of another, instead of the higher self that God has given them, how will they truly know God’s gift to them?  Why do people see spirituality as an opportunity?  God is a gift to us.  He is not to be owned,  possessed, bought, or used for the glory of anyone or anything.  My reflection in these comments concerns the “how” of our spiritual acts.  My thought is that if we pay attention to our own higher selves, then they will help us be awakened to the understanding of the opportunity to choose to live the LORD’s will for us in all of our activities.    When we come upon another person’s opinion, spiritual or otherwise, our higher selves will make known to us whether or not that opinion is for our highest good.

Even as I discuss this, I reflect on my own spiritual endeavors, as I speak my truth about this subject.  Does my intent in my own spiritual quest seek to cause me to act in such a way as to singularly profit from the gift God gave me?  If I choose solely from my own personal will to satisfy only my own needs, then yes, that singular choice would demonstrate the intent of self centered gain on my part.  On the other hand, if I listen to my higher self in regards to the acts I intend to demonstrate with the gifts God has given me in offering those gifts to the public, then the “how” of my intentions and thus actions, takes on a whole different direction, where God helps me to help myself and help others receive help as well.

I sat in my car at the intersection, waiting for the red light to turn green.  I felt this strong presence within me that kept me silent as I watched the activity at the intersection.   I was prompted only to turn to God in prayer and say thanks for all my blessings.   I thanked God in this prayer, for having found me, that I found Him through perseverance in prayer, by paying attention to my own light, God’s gift to me through my higher self, who guided me to Him.  The light turned green and I drove home. 


The Missoula, Montana skyline, taken from the Mount Jumbo hills, a summer evening, 2008, in Walking ON HIS Footstool, pages 100, 104 and 105.

There is a source out there somewhere.
I turned to him for help one year.
I have been seeking the LORD
To help me with faith,
As I walk in life here.

This source was strong in prayer,
And a guiding light
To help me know how I keep myself clear.
I lift up to the LORD
In all my prayers.

I must unite my essence
And call to the place of my gateway,
Where my higher self resides.
With love I can invite her
To be with me in prayer.

We transform my clouds
And brighten my ground
To walk with the LORD
Forever and ever,
In His love I am clear.

Dimension In Prayer

In my house of worship
I open my heart to the LORD,
And He makes known to me,
Where the words of shepherds attempt to lead.

If the ultimate destination is You,
And edifies Your love and truth,
In words and in deeds,
Then I know I am in a place of spirit
That keeps me close to You.

Glory to You, LORD

©2010 Cindy Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

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7 Responses to The Prompt: Pay Attention To Our Own Light

  1. beautifully expressed in both prose and poetry. Thank you for sharing your light. it blesses me.

  2. lindayoga says:

    Stunning…simply stunning.

  3. This line stuck with me, “My thought is that if we pay attention to our own higher selves, then they will direct us to live the LORD’s will for us in all of our activities.”

    I lose the connection to our higher self only guided by a god.


    • Hi Gloria and thanks for visiting my blog again! I appreciate that you’ve looked at my post. I just wanted to clarify for you. My post is about God, not a god. It is about our spirit, aka our higher self helping us receive the light of God that is meant especially for us. In my deepest spiritual sense, God, is the Alpha and the Omega, all that was, all that is, and all that is to come. God is the supreme universal essence of the highest joy, love and truth. Being this, He fills the entire universe for all of creation to give us life in this all encompassing light. When we listen and allow Him, through our higher selves, we become blessed with His essence of this joy love and truth. When we choose to receive this essence of Him through our higher selves, our lives become fuller and expand in joy. Everything we create is filled with joy. This is my perception and I am filled with joy to blog it. Thank you so much for commenting on my post!

  4. wolfsrosebud says:

    In the stillness of the morn… He can be heard only if one listens and so many are too busy.

    You’ve tackled a difficult subject through beauty. God bless your day.

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