Respect: Can we reveal this consciousness once again?

Everywhere we turn on this life path of material existence, we are confronted with the material manifestations of others demonstrating such a powerful need of approval from outside of themselves.  This overwhelming needs consciousness reveals itself in disproportionate competitive situations in our lives, in family relationships, friendships and in work and career related associations.  It causes us to feel less than the person we are interacting with.  We then mobilize to become better than.

Better than what?

Better than what, I ask?  Why do we allow the environment surrounding our lives to dictate who we are and what worth we feel in our living?

We could be trapped in doing a job or living in a relationship simply to be better than, when what really makes us happy in life and work can be found inside of ourselves.  When we figure this out, our contributions to our environment of work and relationships become so much more rewarding and fulfilling.

We realize that we are happy because we are paying attention to our own light!

Our own light!  What is our own light?

Our own light is the light from God meant especially for us.  It is given to us through our higher selves, when we ask the LORD in prayer and thanks to have it made known to us and given to us.  God’s light in us is then our direction to manifest in our lives, that which causes us the fullest joy in living, working and relating to others.

So when we place ourselves in a situation when we are across from another individual, our interactions are blessed with the knowing of respect in who we are and what is important to us because we know and are happy with our own way of living our identity consciousness.  We don’t exist in the presence of another, disproportionately competing with them or trying to be better than they are.    We approve of ourselves.  This feeling of approval becomes self respect.  In respecting ourselves because we know deeply our own identity, we begin to respectfully understand others and their choice of respecting themselves or not.

When we keep turning to our higher selves to know this feeling of identity within us that comes from our Creator, especially meant for us, we begin to see ourselves and our relationship to our environment differently.  We don’t feel the need to be approved of or be better than those with whom we interact in our environment because we already know who we are and what makes us happy by listening to God through our higher selves.

A quote about self respect from Whitney Griswold reveals the deep understanding of oneself and the strength that comes from this understanding.  “Self-respect cannot be hunted.  It cannot be purchased.  It is never for sale.  It cannot be fabricated out of public relations.  It comes to us when we are alone, in quiet moments, in quiet places, when we suddenly realize that, knowing the good, we have done it; knowing the beautiful, we have served it; knowing the truth, we have spoken it.”  In the place of this sudden realization, we have the opportunity to have listened to our own uniqueness, because our Creator is communicating this to us through our higher selves, thus we have the opportunity to act on this sense of ourselves in the feelings of who we truly are.

We can exist peacefully in our own light in the presence of another individual, whether they know their own light or not.  We know what to do, how to act, where to turn to in our life efforts, because we know, see and sense the light of God descending to us, to fill us, to be.

Those who understand this sense  of their own identity and choose to live it, don’t let fear of unworthiness stop them from giving to others to help them find their way to worthiness too, because these people know that the LORD, coming to them through their higher selves blesses them with abundant creativity.  The sense of living our lives through feeling unworthy or lacking is non-existent.  The LORD blesses us with the knowing of who we are, what we have, what we need to do to create with our hands and where to manifest these creations as we walk in our earthly existence.

The following poem I wrote a couple of years ago, after I was given the gift to travel to Okinawa, Japan, in November of 2007, to learn Karate from the masters of our discipline.  Though I was given the gifts of very generous hospitality and abundant instruction, the most precious gift I received was the understanding of divine respect, and how our Creator, through our higher selves, teaches us the many ways of giving this gift of respect to each other, through Him.


Dancing birches in Spring splendor, on the top of Mount Holyoke, Hadley, Massachusetts.

I am across from you
With respect and honor
Ready to be
In Kotekitae

I settle into the base of my center
Like dancing birches
Rooted into the earth

On the top of the mountain
I endeavor to be
A higher plane
Of give and take with you

In practice and form
We exist eye to eye
The force of our will
Is the force of the wind
Moving our branches
Strongly in rhythm

I am across from you
No competition
Just focus
Eye to eye

Like divinity
Willing the sun and rain
And wind and earth

To grow the strength
Of our branches
In Kotekitae

©2009 Cindy Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

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5 Responses to Respect: Can we reveal this consciousness once again?

  1. beautiful words from your core. thank you for sharing this.
    walk in beauty.

  2. Thank you very much for your comment.

  3. Ravenblack says:

    Beautiful illustration of harmony and mutual respect, and also oneness on this earth, in both your words and your picture.

    I enjoy your thoughts about self respect. It’s a part of appreciating what one is given and what one has, I suppose. If you know what you have, you would not go coveting after what others have nor scrutinize what they do not, so as to make yourself feel better I suppose. 🙂

    • Hi Ravenblack! Good to see you again. I really appreciate your thoughtful and respectful comments every time you visit. Your words are simple and true and this means very much to me. Thanks again!

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