God: He speaks to us in clouds.

Since Hurricane Irene,  I thought I would offer some additional insights as an opportunity to become more prepared in our lives, while we experience more weather related or natural disaster events.  I am speaking about how our spirituality and increasing our faith in God will continue to help us live through these experiences.

What does God have to do with this?  Quite simply, God is our great Communicator for life.  He would like us to see His path to Him.   The more intuitively prepared we are, the more confidently we will be able to make the most appropriate choices for life, especially in the face of trouble and uncertain times.  We receive this ability through prayer, in choosing to trust ourselves with faith in God.

Recently I came upon another website that discusses Jesus will come again in the clouds.  “For our benefit and to the glory of God, Jesus often does physically what he also does spiritually ‘in like manner’ so that we might better comprehend.  That is why He told the disciples while he was on earth that: 

For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be….And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven:   and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with great power and glory…So likewise ye, when ye shall see all these things, know that it is near, even at the doors.  Verily I say unto you.  This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled. (Matthew 24:27  & 30 & 33-34)”

In Acts 2:18-21 The Day of Pentecost, is a foretelling of the coming of the LORD, who at present, is speaking to us through earthly elements.  Those who continue to increase their faith in the LORD, will receive these communications.  They are meant for all of humanity, to help bring us closer to God.

Acts 2:18-21  The Day of Pentecost

And they shall prophesy.

Did anyone catch the video of the face cloud that a gentleman in Canada filmed a few weeks ago?  He sent this to the weather channel.  Here are two screen shots of this video below.  Click on either photo to view the weather channel video!

(This paragraph of text is a current insert for 7 January 2012.  For some reason, the video below of the face cloud was, but is no longer available on the weather channel page link I posted for this writing.   I apologize!  If you know what web page this video was moved to, I would greatly appreciated being notified via a comment at the end of this blog post.  Thanks!)

This screen shot I took of the video that filmed in Canada.

This face made of clouds is looking skyward.  A message?  A spiritual message for us to lift ourselves to the LORD?  A communication that an event is coming to affect us on earth?

A screen shot of the face cloud video where the face's mouth looks opened and appears to the view as if it is speaking.

If you look at the second picture, the face’s mouth has become open as if it is speaking.  Was this a foretelling of the earthquake that hit the northeast and Hurricane Irene that occurred just after?  Quite possibly.  More consecutive spiritual communications that are received, recorded and documented may help us be more aware for our own preparedness and safety.  We must continue to rise in love and trust for the LORD.  We do this by increasing our faith through prayer.

Let’s keep regenerating life on earth through renewing our faith in God.


I rest quietly
In the presence of blessing
Mysteries given me in love and light

Shall I believe them as coincidence
The occurrence of these events
In the exact time I place myself
To see and record them and the resonance
Of their rhymes with my daily rhythms?

I lift up to the LORD in faith
And ask for help to discern the truth.

Coincidence or syncronicity?

I am blessed with an understanding
These are messages from God through my spirit
For when I rest in the plane of His love
He gives me the gift to see from my heart.

He Speaks To Us In Clouds

An Omnipresence? An Ankh symbol? Or just a rain cloud? Too profound. Photographed over the Pioneer Valley near Hatfield, Massachusetts, 2009.

A sunburst through rainclouds
Caught my eye.
Is it Him I wondered,
In the sky?

This huge omnipresence
In a flowing gown,
Lit up in human form,
Holding a book of life,
Looking down,
On us from above.

©2010 Cindy Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

Poems and Photos “Syncronicity” and “He Speaks To Us In Clouds,” are in my new book below, Walking On HIS Footstool.

An Odyssey Woven In Poetry And Photographs

MS, NDR Communication Tools For Conflict Engagement

“Walking On HIS Footstool,”

A trail from individuation to divine respect.

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25 Responses to God: He speaks to us in clouds.

  1. Joceline says:

    words of wisdom, strength and faith, dear soul.

  2. missed you.
    glad that you survived, stay blessed.

    very divine words, may sunshine always shine on your town.

  3. De says:

    Hi Cindy ,and all
    Just noticed your post on the revelation site , with the link to this page , and it feels a peacefull and true site , where id feel at ease talking a little , i hope you all dont mind , but i guess my story is just one of the many millions of individuals confirmation in the word of truth spoken throughout not only the bible , but i would very much imagine all religious books.
    Your comments of ” We receive this ability through prayer, in choosing to trust ourselves with faith in God ” and ” who at present, is speaking to us through earthly elements. Those who continue to increase their faith in the LORD, will receive these communications. They are meant for all of humanity, to help bring us closer to God ” are the ways of blessings of understanding given to us when we hear the great truth of the right way to be, taught to us from a physical realm by ways of written words , that can only have been put there by a greater creation than we are capable of understanding , and whilst I know I am not ever going to be capable of understanding the ALL of what it actually is , I do know IT IS.
    My own story , started in days of great confusion , and anger at the injustice and wrong doings throughout the world. Whilst at that time I was not really convinced God existed , what I did know was many poeple had faith in God , and with my true thoughts of good intent for all , I prayed as I walked and thought , for 5 years , with all HOPE that God existed , for the sake of all the good people in the world , and for the sake of all those who believed in God. my first attempted battlefield was to write letters to all major political parties, in my the vain attempts to bring them round to acting by morale grounds , instead of the confusions brought about by the grounds and reasoning of financial concerns. I also started a web site , trying to say, but as i very much realise now, because i had anger in my soul at them , the words were useless , or innafective. I prayed for the last year of this 5 to be given the words of wisdom to be able to say the right words to have effect and create good. this lot started 7 years ago , for 2 years ago this month GOD HIT ME with great force and effect , and truly The Holy Spirit moves poeple to do things , for the benefit of others , and guided a person with whom I have the most unbreahkable love , with all truth in all , to send me 2 passage from the bible , which had me on my knees in prayer because it spoke directly at me in all the ways I am.
    Ephesians 6 . Every word was true to my soul and i was spoken to. and ,
    1 corinthians 13 . sealed it all with loving grace.

    I read these passages 3 times, and every time it opened up a different layer of meaning , like a different dimension. I realised about a week after , because i was in a state of being Godsmacked , that I had read it as the child, being taught the way , then as the father , in the way to teach the child, and then as the spirit , in the way for all.

    This was the start . 2 years ago this month . of my spiritual awakening , and full FAITH in God , brought about with HOPE , and with LOVE and with TRUTH. Ever since then , every day , sometimes 3 times a day , after praying , the word has appeared directly at me, answering me the things i prayed about that day. It appeared in ways of just opening up the bible at random , and it answered me , and taught me, directly. It also appears at random anywhere it seems , you will see it , teh Spirit talking to you , for I do believe , that time is immaterial , and the Spirit guides people to do things and write things that are then there for somebody to see in … a week , a year , a hundred years , a thousand years , for this I believe is the way The Holy Spirit communicates with us. My initial prayers for words of wisdom were granted , and given to me through the Holy Sprit , and were of great effect … but only for 2 weeks ,,, and as I prayed and asked why my words of wisdom had stopped , i opened the bible again at random , and it said , ” we gave you the words of wisdom , so you could see our power , but we have taken it way , because we do not fight with words of wisdom ” . At teh time i didnt know what it meant , but hear I am now , after 2 years of being taught through the word by the Holy Spirit , to know now , that it is not wisdom we need , but understanding.
    The words taught us throughout i have no doubt all religious books , inspired by the True Spirit of God , bring to us the best happiness we could ever possibly posses whilst alive in the flesh. When we liten to the word , and understand it in all its simplicity love and truth , we gain a fullfilment in our souls and hearts that money or any physical thing cannot compare to.
    I hope now , that with some comfort to many of you , that you will draw warmth from my description of what I saw , i have copied a post i made as a reply to someone
    “Rainy , I have seen this cloud so distinctly . There were no other clouds in the near vicinity , only dark clouds covering the distant horizon. As I sat in my comp chair gazing out on a bright day , this big white fluffy cloud came flying along , as low as i ever seen a cloud , and came virtually straight at might ,, maybe 15 degrees to the right ,, and travelled at a speed 8 times faster than the dark clouds in the very great distance. It was so distinct , every feature on his face , long wavy hair slightly past his shoulders , a body , and arms and hands outstretched wide apart , and slightly upwards , a body but no legs , just a long , as i realise now , flowing gown . This was the whole shape of the cloud It was just this figure , flying along the sky , what a calm look the expression on his face , it didnt look at me directly , but was looking looking forward at all , and at the time i felt it to be the Spirit flying along spreading good and hope. This I saw on the 24 th of July ( maybe the 25th at a pinch ) ”

    The face was so clear , so ditinct , so bold , so peacfull , the most predominent feature was his cheekbones for some reason, they were so profound.

    I appologise if this post is so long , but as you said , which is what promted me to start talking , it was not just for me , it was for all humanity , and all i can do is gently say to many now , how I have got my faith , and why i have got my hope , and with gentle comfort and understanding I know try to help everyone find their own Spririt , for the Holy Spirit resides in us all , all we have to do is listen , The Spirit is very very gentle and quiete , and all teh noise from the pollutions of teh world , mask the Spirts word. As we are taught , the purest of all are children , they are unpolluted , and not corrupted , by teh poisons of teh world and the flesh , and I can only pray for you all to empty your minds of eveything , and be pure , and simple , and to again become children , children of God , and liten , to our Father.

    I am 51 , it matters not what age we again become children

    With all Truth all Faith all Hope all Love I believe taht the Holy Spirit resides in us ALL

    And that good will lay at ease the confusions of the world that create evil

    I give praise to God , and thank him for teaching me , and bringing peace and richess to my soul


    With Love

    • Andy, I am overwhelmed and profoundly grateful for your reply….All I can say is, keep going. Your blog is beautiful. I’ve looked at other posts on it and God’s truth is with you. Just keep shining your light. Your words give me great inspiration in my own work. And what is so greatly important is your strength and courage to keep turning to the LORD for all you seek. We, all of us, need to do this more strongly especially now. I especially liked your comment that your story is one of the “many million individual confirmations of the word of truth spoken not only throughout the Bible, but I would very much imagine all religious books.” When God’s truth pervades, it is made known to us and when it reverberates, we feel and sense it and know that it just is, love. Thank you so very much for your reply! Many of God’s blessings upon you. With God’s love, Cindy.

      • De says:

        Im touched Cindy, clamed up even. A strange overwhelming emotion , between joy and tears , choked , because i know you feel the word , and you hear the word, and i so so so so humbly say it is not my word, it is the word of the Spirit of God.

        With good intent we will bring peace to all

      • “And I so, so, so, so humbly say it is not my word, it is the word of the Spirit of God.” Hi Andy! Thank you again for your profound and beautiful true comment. For that is what it is, a pure truth. It is not my word or your word. It is not my power or your power. It is thus the energy of God flowing through us each to our individual gifts He brings us when we rise to Him in faith and we pour out His energy to others according to His will for us in our very own special creativity he means for us to demonstrate. His light for us is not something to own or possess or to wield as power over other individuals. It is our gift from God to live our light the way He means for us to live it. This is how I perceive God working through me, through humanity. This is the energy I perceive in the intent in your words. As you say, “with good intent we will bring peace to all.” When others realize this knowing within themselves, the world will become a more loving universe in HIS light. Amen. Thanks again for your wonderful comment! Have a wonderful day!

  4. De says:

    May I just gently add to this ,

    We are children , we make mistakes. It is from our mistakes we learn, Our Father teaches us , and knows we will make mistakes ,and as we do our children, we forgive them. And for us the children, we benefit from our mistakes by gaining understanding , and even if we make the same mistakes again , it really doesnt matter , for God probably wanted us to make these mistakes to gain understanding , and I say these words to all , who may hurt inside thinking theyve done wrong , for them to find peace , and feel the truth off the fact it is all alright , we are all being educated in our own individual ways by the Spirit.

    I will be bold enough to say , that the more we suffer , both mentally and physically , the more understanding we recieve , by the grace of God. And the more peace we gain.

    Have hope any that despair , the greatest pain of all is thoughts of yourselves , empty your mind of yourselves , and of desire for you , and you will be richer than ,,, bill gates : ) , for he possess money , which is worthless. ( he may well be a cool dude aswell, never met him, : ) )

    With Love for ALL , and full knowing God is Real , again I give praise to my Lord , to whom I gently bow my head with humble awareness of how much i dont know, and how imperfect I am , but I am off full Faith in , to hope that the Spirit put these words here to help maybe 1 person , in 10 years.

    Amen , in Love and Truth , all Faith , and always with Hope


    • De, I sit in peace in my chair, as I absorb this comment. IT is truly a beautiful vibration and filled with God’s love. And, thank you so much for this wonderful wisdom! God Bless you and your work! You are so spot on that we suffer so much more when we think of ourselves and desire for ourselves. May we all be washed clean in forgiveness by the Spirit of God and may this help us forgive ourselves for our mistakes! Thank you thank you thank you again for this wonderful healing comment! Cindy

      • De says:

        The more I think about it the surer I am
        I was told not to think about what I say before the hour when I talk , for when I talk it will not be me that talks, but The Holy Spirit.
        This site is not a massively public site Cindy , and as I wonder why the words flowed through me so clearly and openly as I typed away on my posts , I feel now Cindy that the words were meant for you , and that somehow there will be a little benefit created within your Spirit that will settle you and comfort you , and ultimately enable you to pass on the word with Love and Grace.
        As I said in my first post , the Word appears and talks to me many times , and when I first started talking in public , which was on the Hand of God site , though few have yet seen them , I prayed as I worked the night shift to be told when I got home at 6.00 am if I had done right or wrong. I prayed that night feeling so humblly aware that I was maybe so wrong to darest to think I was speaking Gods word , I felt so stupid for daring to have the oddasity to think The Spirit was in me , I prayed like mad to be told, and told the Spirit that as soon as I get home, Im going on the Bible Gateway site , which has a verse of the day put up at about 5.30 am , and I prayed and asked to be told if the first post I made was right or wrong.
        Cindy , the verse of the day was ” The entering of Thy words giveth light; it giveth understanding unto the simple. ”
        Psalm 119 , 130 , and indeed Cindy as it says throughoout the whole psalm, I have prayed throughout the night in the night watches , and have craved Gods word , the whole Psalm is true to teh core of my soul in all that I do, as is many passages that reveal themselves to me.
        Some people Cindy say that God does not exist , but if God does not exist , what prey tell , keeps making these things happen with such loving grace ?
        I am of full belief Cindy , that through my fingers , and my surrendering of my life to the work of The Spirit , that the Spirit has talked to you directly.
        It was not me , I could never talk such ways without being with God.
        I may not post here again, I dont know , but know Cindy , and indeed the few who may be guided here to hear , that The True Spirit of God is within you , and you will draw great comfort from all that is said , and all you will hear over time to come.
        God has blessed you , you hear the word , and all I can do is sit back in gentle comfort knowing that Gods work is ongoing , and we are all just a little part of the greater plan.

        With Love and Grace , I thank the Lord.

        : ) Have a nice day now, : )

      • De, It is with great joy I read this posting of yours as I am filled with the resonance of the Spirit of God as I reflect on on your words. What brings me great joy is the knowing of God’s ongoing work that He is helping us help each other to find Him within us. You demonstrate this to the core. You are right when you say, we know not the time nor the hour when He is going to bless with a communication but it happens out of the blue. And no matter how much suffering we experience, every time during these tribulations within us and in our material existence, we are blessed with a strength of spirit to go on with a light heart when we turn to God in faith with prayers of love and thanks for all of our blessings in our prayers for His guidance within our lives. When we look back at the communications given to us from God, they ring true together, as if they form a circle, and the most important thing is they are meant for us universally, for all of humanity.
        I am very honored to have communicated with you. And I thank you dearly for your respectful energy. God bless you and your work.

        With Love and Grace To You,


  5. Catie Eliza says:

    Wow, there is a lot here (read the comments too) and I am delighted by the pure sincerity and openness of heart for God here. xx

  6. Dear Cindy, am deeply touched by your thoughts feelings and poetic expressions.You have depicted the Truth with pure Faith and Belief.

  7. Good morning readers who are enjoying this post! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by. I do want to let you know that for some reason, when you click on the weather channel video link that i provided with this post, it moves you to the weather channel/link but the video is no longer being shown at this location on the weather channel. I apologize for you not being able to see this video on my post here. It is an incredible video. But at least there is a screen shot of it that I was able to take. If anyone discovers where this video went on the weather channel and can provide me with a new link location, that would be great!! Thanks! Cindy

  8. The face cloud that Dennis Farmer filmed from Canada…..

    The face is looking at the sky. Keep our eyes on the sky….tornadoes, solar storms, northern lights, cloud messages….etc Meteors?? Not…If we pray to the One, Most High for the Holy Spirit to surround our solar system as a shield! Why Not? Great things can happen! 🙂

    If you look closely at the cloud image, you will see two faces in the face cloud. One is light, with an eye of light looking at the sky….for us to look for the light of salvation by choosing faith in God. The second face is to the left and behind the white face. It is dark and has an ear like a ram’s horn. IT can’t have strength in our destruction if we choose the light of salvation!

    So there are two faces of choice we have. A choice for our present and future living, that which is God, the most healing choice, as Saint Paul describes in Romans 12. The other choice would be away from God, which is the dark face of this face cloud…..who wants to choose misery and being torn between something????? Ugh..

    Keywords: Sunlight, joy, gifts, love, support, caring, compassion, forgiveness, freedom in understanding that we’re all the same because we are human, divine respect, self determination as a competitive edge??? No….the common interest is being human and that is what is important even though we are individual in our cultures! We all need food, clothes, shelter and compassion. When all the things our egos compete for, go away, all we have is that which we need to live to be, and that is being human.

    It’s up to us.

    God bless to everyone.


  9. De says:

    i hope and i prey , with Love for All.

    there have been lots of posts and pics here there and everywhere surounding the lovely old concept of God , and man … this gives my a cross between a chucklious joy , and shaking awe , to be able to make comment on these pics that Cindy has put up ……

    GOD , He Speaks to us in the clouds …………………………………………. LOVE

    A LOVE CLOUD , hahahahahah.

    To put the perspective behind this , i must talk a bit of waffle , so please bear with me …

    It was about a year ago , on the 24th/ 25th of July , that the figure of that so boldy calm faced man with his arms outstretched , drifted gently across the sky , and having noticed that spiritual things seem to happen in yearly markers , i was kind of expecting something around 24 th 25 th of July , and watched , and gently looked , to see if anything happend. Nothing …… hahahahaha , but that only made me smile, for my own faith is already fully confirmed in my mind. ( What i didnt mention to anyone , that soon after that i was walking to Morrisons shopping on a sunny day , and these big fluffy white clouds appeared in big capital letters saying G O D , hahah , and i smiled and being in days of full acceptance and all the spirituall things that were happening , just took it as a normal thing that folk dont see …. they ask … how do we know GOD exists ?? lol , well … he spells it out in the sky … GOD … ) . Anyway …. so , always conscious of the Spirit , i forgot about it , slightly , then …. one evening as im sitting here , these clouds , again fluffy white ones , a long fluffy white one, drifted across the sky , and as it kind of evaporated , it formed , and wow …. i could see it plain as day … a big bold LOVE …. hahahahahah wow , i thought , and it appeared that there seemed to be many letters after it that i couldnt make out , or that had took shape that i could recognise , but this time i thought… camera ….. quick ,, : ) , so i find my camera , runs round the back , and takes 2 photos , as hopefully are shown above ….. and you can see it … hahahahahah may the lords love smile on us all for hes let us all now share this picture , i was amazed …. i loaded on the pc and enlarged it , and it said LOVE ………………….

    now , this is where the post gets triky , because where i couldnt make out the other letters as i looked , when i enlarged it , the next letters said ANDY , ….. i thought …. what ???? it looked like loves andy , i thought who ? who loves andy , what ? my girlfriend ? what , i thought , loves andy ? love andy ? what …………. I guess it meant God , God loves me ? how do we know God loves us … he tells us .. i love you . LOVE andy ….. LOVE myself ??? and today these are now the reasons i have made this post , for i have concluded it means we must LOVE ourselves , for if we dont love ourselves , we cant love and help others ? possibly , i may be wrong , and it may have many meanings , i do not know, all i feel is it is right to lay this post here.

    I prey to God and the Spirit that all the truth of God be heard individually by our selves , and not from as the bible says false prophets , i aint a prophet , thats for sure , we dont need prophets to feel Gods truth , we feel it.

    whilst wondering on wether to post this here , the overwhellming reason that i was convinced it was right to post was reading ACTS 2 …. 19 as posted above at the start of this topic ….


    This might just be coincidence , but recently a close circle of friends who have been have smokers for decades and could quit , have been introduced to , and taken to , nicotine vapourisers , they produce vapor , not smoke, not the thousands of chemicals that rip you apart , just vapor ….. of smoke, hahahahah . weve been saying its a gift from God , to save the lives , or atleast give them a chance of life , now that might just be coincidence , but put the whole story together , and i think youd want to post this aswell : ) to share with the world.


    be at peace within ourselves and help others find peace within themselves

    Amen and praise the Lord if this post made sense

    with all faith in the Spirit


    • De, thanks for stopping by and offering your wonderful spirit ! YOu should leave link to your blog so we can see your photos. The more humans get this, the better likelihood of all of us choosing to move closer to God. Thanks again for your visit and your confirmation of faith. We all need to hear these stories. Bless you! Cindy

      • De says:

        you have the photos Cindy , in your inbox : )

      • De, just reply to this comment with a link where we can see your photos. That way others will be directed to your social media page and your “environment with God” I think to do it this way is important. It gives credibility over a wider distance to us individually, and proves we are respecting each other’s individual endeavors with God.

      • De says:

        i dont have a blog , however , ive uploaded them to photobucket , not sure if this will work




        one of those may work

      • De says:

        Hi cindy ,

        thank you fro your suggestion , and its helped , i started a blog aswell , for i do believe in what i say


        I realise now that there is no one on the net that can actually see it , and indeed only a few at home can see it , however , just because you cant see Gods Love , doesnt mean it isnt there , Gods Love is always there when we listen.

        De : )

  10. De says:

    and a nice little ps

    about a hour later that evening , i was playing a cool game i play on the pc , and glanced out left in the sky , and dropped my drink in sheer amazement …. it was a big … fluffy … orange / red LOVE HEART ,, hahahahahahah
    in the same place

    just to clear up a few points on my previous posts …. when i saw the LOVE cloud , it was bold and well formed, but the started to , as clouds do , evaprate and like drift away , it was very lucky that you could still make it out clearly , and indeed as this LOVE HEART had appeared , it slowly drifted away , but left me with a smile : )

    and .. pps , correction on the smokers , should have said ” who couldnt give up ”

    peace and LOVE for all


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