Our “aha moment house” = The place of opportunity for strange attractors

How do we discover order in disorder?  How do we learn to navigate our lives effectively whether we have stability or uncertainty as we relate to what our environments bring us?  The highest benefit to our lives is understanding the place of knowing within ourselves that can bring us the realization of the opportunity of strange attractors, and how we can capitalize on them to bring our lives to new equilibrium.


A sunset reveals the convergence of clouds, dead wood, and living oak leaves. The clouds and the dead wood reflect each other. The sunlight reveals an entire story in symbolism. In order to move to new growth, one must see life's troubles for what they are, remove the old and embrace the new. The question is How.

His windy breath in the mighty oak,
Is the power of facilitation brushing my senses.
It surrounds my core of being,
With a gift of encouragement,
In the midst of cloudy illusions,
That fear swirls towards the light of my center.

But my light expands in Him,
When I embrace the message in the oak leaves.
My being gathers strength,
To lift up to Him from my heart
And ask for help,
To remove the dead wood of me
And dispel my clouds.

I trust in You, LORD.

©2010 Cindy Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

A strange attractor  is the call of God through our spirit,
God, Who leads us to rainbows through our dark jungles
To the knowing of the bridge of breath and the sword of discipline
To gift us with our own vision of unique possibility
To be given the key that opens the door to our “aha moment house”

To embark upon this phase space
The place of expedition
To receive our map
For navigation to new equilibrium

I learned  about strange attractors while studying conflict resolution.  I found an excellent book called,Surfing the Edge of Chaos:  The Laws of Nature and the New Laws of Business,” by Richard T. Pascale, Mark Millemann and Linda Goija.  To me, this book reveals the catalyst opportunities to new life destinations.  You may also find this article as a google listing with the web page of innovationwatch.com, when you google Surfing The Edge of Chaos.

Regarding business and species, Richard T. Pascale states, “there are just companies and species that either react to change and evolve, or get left behind and become extinct.”  Additionally, “The stories in ‘Surfing the Edge of Chaos are of pioneering efforts that show how the principles of living systems produce bottom line impact and profound transformational change.”   I thought to myself, these concepts are an interesting invitation to a place of knowing in our psyche, for people to understand more deeply as opportunities for their lives to create balance and thrive in times of trouble and uncertainty!

In addition to companies and species, we, people, can view this lesson through the lens of psychology.  In Gerald Schueler’s essay, “CHAOS THEORY:  INTERFACE WITH JUNGIAN PSYCHOLOGY, The Order/Chaos Relationship in Complex Systems,” Scheuler describes modern chaos theory addressing complex systems, where he states that, “not only is our body a dissipative system, but or ego as well.”  Our body is made of organs and their physical systems, and our ego is made up of psychological components and processes, and inherited dispositions otherwise known as character constituents.  “Jung asserts that chaos theory is applicable to the holistic unity of the mind, brain, behavior and environment, and that none should be examined as a separate entity but rather ‘their mutually interactive and complex processes comprise an organic entity.'”  “Jung taught that the components of the ego-complex are held together by the gravitational force of their relation to consciousness. (Pascale, 1992)”  This brings to light that the “total manifestation of the psyche as a natural phenomenon is a highly complex structure (Jung, 1954, p. 91, 92).”

We can apply these concepts of chaos theory and the workings of complex adaptive systems to our life efforts and especially the way we interact with our environment.  What helps us be more flexible, thus adaptive in our life in times of trouble and uncertainty, is understanding how to navigate to the place of knowing within ourselves, that leads to a personal map, if you will.  Here we place ourselves in a house of time, “a phase space,” or as I like to describe it, an “aha moment house,” where we have the ability to receive “aha moments.”  With these personal revelations uncovered here, we can create our lives with the most options by the resources available to us to make the best choices to live our lives.   This place where we create our map based on aha moments requires a key.  This key is God.  We receive this key through our connection to God via our higher selves.

I would like to call this place, a place of expanded mindset, to help ourselves live adaptively through uncertain times.  In this place of knowing, phase space, a place of lucid contemplation, or “aha moment house,” our higher selves give us a key to help us define our personal map so we can effectively navigate through the order and chaos in our lives.  God being the key, via our higher selves, helps our personal and community living systems thrive and come to new equilibrium in the midst of the order and chaos in our lives.  He gives us the key to our precipice that leads to our map of expedition.  God, through our higher selves, reveals the opportunities of strange attractors.

A pioneer of new science was Mitchell Feigenbaum.  “His work in the late 1970’s was so revolutionary that several of his first manuscripts were rejected for publication because they were so novel they were considered irreverent. (Gleick, 1987)  Feigenbaum discovered order in disorder.  He looked deeply into turbulence (the home of strange attractors), and saw universality.”  We reach the deep conception of understanding of this universality when our ability to know the place of our “aha moment house” truly exists, is activated.  This activation is our key, given us by God through our higher selves.  “Perhaps the most startling finding to come out of this new scientific theory is that order exists within chaos.  In fact, order comes from chaotic conditions.”  Through the force of our will to have faith in God, we become blessed to receive everything we need to create order in our lives.

It is with a strong connection of faith in God through our higher selves that gives us the wherewithal to embark upon and navigate our complex adaptive systems in life.  To receive this key, we must choose faith in God and reach for Him through our higher selves to create the conduit that brings us to our “aha moment house”, the opportunity for strange attractors” to create our map of expedition to live life.

The Phase Space Place

The edge of chaos
Is out on a limb
Out to the reaches
Where new seeds
Spring forth germination.
In order to see them
One must reach for them.

This is the place of expedition
Guided by our higher selves
We have the opportunity
Through the force of our will
To choose this new destination.

The mystery is how…

I am
I am uniquely united
By celestial aspiration

In times of chaos
And uncertainty
The fruit of spiritual strength
Is faith and vision

And with its interaction
Of our conscious aspiration

Multiplied by

Our higher self’s invitation

Multiplied by

Our body’s transpiration

Multiplied by

Our mind’s discipline

Multiplied by

Our exact place in time space of the universe

Gives us
A unique unification
That interacts abundantly
With strange attractors.

To bring us to a new destination
Of equilibrium.

©2011 Cindy Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

Bibliography:  CHAOS THEORY:  INTERFACE WITH JUNGIAN PSYCHOLOGY  The Order/Chaos Relationship in Complex Systems by Gerald Schueler, Ph.D. ©1997

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