Counterfeit identity: Who’s the copy and who’s the original?

Counterfeit Identity

Is identity counterfeit
To the identity original
A compliment of sorts
To the original owner?

Or is it just a cauldron of trouble,
A set up for bullying perhaps
Or an intense jealousy condition,
That kills self respect in multiples.

Has identity been procured by a harmful use of sorcery
To profit from someone else’s creativity,
By the energetic theft of intellectual property?
Those who use sorcery to procure identity
In this way,
Do you want to be remembered
As a hacker of someone else’s energy?
Take care with your play.
For time will reveal the true intent of your actions,
Thus manifestations
And there is no escape from God’s judgement
Which always comes one day.

Is there such an identity
A package concocted
By judges partial
To some look marketed
To some identity idea
Socially constructed
To some way of being
One copies,
Or has won by competition?

Why waste time on emulation
And join a posse
To chase that which
Comes from social construction?

Remember Barbie?
She’s become a cliche.
Who wants to be that?
Someone else’s costume,
An identity counterfeit?

Living identity by such circumstances
Comes with consequences
One is the spirit of jealousy
Raging rampantly
Due to deeply disproportionate
Self abandoning
Just to procure
What is socially desirable
In living personality

After all is said and done
Does one know their true unique creativity
And is one happy?

What really happens
Is the growth of a large chasm
In universal humanity
All for what?
All for the quest of “better than” energy
This is why self respect has become buried
Beneath counterfeit claims
Of some elite identity game

There are three simple words
To remember in a name

Just be yourself

So what does this mean,
“Just be yourself?”

It means pay attention
To your own light!

It’s like a May Day Expression
In new spring green
After a long winter’s sleep
Don’t be afraid
To crack your own egg open
And peep!

Photographer Mark Leach

Twirling by Rainbow Mural at Mass MoCa, North Adams, Massachusetts

When you reflect this winter
All cozy by warm fire
Remember the dreams
And contemplations
God gives you to be
These are so important
To emerge the Spring
Of your unique identity

It harms your soul
To live counterfeit energy
We should view personalities
Like Lady Gaga
As an inspiration
To do our own thing!
Instead of choosing to be like her
We’d feel instead empty,
Like a counterfeit queen.

The best side of the coin
Is when
An owner of original identity
Lives joy
In their own personality

It’s possible to achieve
When you invest
In your own possibility thinking
And abandon
Counterfeit identity creation.

©2011 Cindy Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

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15 Responses to Counterfeit identity: Who’s the copy and who’s the original?

  1. Poets Rally says:

    brilliant, identity is something we do need to think about.
    words close to hearts are of important. name, number, background are side information maybe!

    • Thank you for sharing! I think your comment offers an excellent opportunity for all of us. When we can choose courage to understand that which brings us joy in living who we are and do thiose things that continue to build on joy, self confidence blossoms and can be the never ending cycle of joyful movement in living who we are despite what the reaction is from the environment is around us. Where you say, “name, number and background are side information,” we suddenly prove to ourselves from the feelings in our hearts this sense of identity thus has come from deeply inside of ourselves. Thank you for your comment!

  2. you blow me away, wow.

    the way your words speak is eloquent and beautiful.


  3. Kay Salady says:

    Yes, it is very important to be unique for each of us have our own dna and that makes us one-of-a-kind. This piece would work well as slam poetry. I love it!

  4. A.B. Thomas says:

    Far too often one feels it necessary to sink their essence to the depths to allow others to view a visage that is percieved as more appealling – which always leads to disappointment when the richness of the actual person leads to misconceptions that one cannot escape. Well turned vibe!

    • I thoroughly enjoy deep discussions and appreciate your comment. I am not quite sure that I completely understand what you intend to convey in your comment, so I would like to convey my perceptions ! 🙂 “Far too often one feels it necessary to sink their essence to the depths to allow others to view a visage that is perceived as more appealing…” I think you are quite right here, this is an endless struggle of the ego and searching outside of oneself for approval tends to cause us to suffer. This concept is one I intended to convey in my post. As you also say, “which always leads to disappointment when the richness of the actual person leads to misconceptions that one cannot escape…” I loved this line because to me you convey how our soul and unique creativity are harmed by us and our choices when we abandon what we truly have to offer in our identity and character. Thank you so much for your wonderfully deep comment!

  5. Jack Edwards says:

    Interesting idea. Great poem

  6. Beautifully written and well expressed. I love these lines “And contemplations God gives you to be…..To emerge the Spring, Of your unique identity”. Wonderful 🙂

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