Rebirth: To what end does life consider spiritual philosophies?

Rebirth Is Life

Rebirth is life
Is existence eternity
Is the living of me

Eastern Hemlock coming into bloom on the Tyringham Cobble, Tyringham, Massachusetts

Fresh and stiff
In my newness
I am but a wild rose
Beckoning me
To walk freely
In the path
Of my future living

Wild roses blooming, their scent intoxicating and drifting on breezes over the Tyringham Cobble, Tyringham, Massachusetts

My evergreen reality
Opens fully
Mind, body and spirit
Rebirth, just being
New branches of life
On the tree I was,
And always will be

New growth in flower on Eastern Hemlock, The Tyringham Cobble, Tyringham Massachusetts

In the readiness of Earth
And Her time for sleeping
We have the opportunity
to stay present with life
And our calling
For regeneration.

We can choose to discover
There is beauty in simplicity
Like a grove of trees waiting…
No matter their species
They wait….
To receive His elements
Of water and sunlight
To regenerate their living

So too in our own awakening
Can we understand
This beauty called Him
We are receiving.

Really, what else is there to rebirth, to life?
Does not this simple beauty of Him
Define our foundation of spirituality
No matter the religion,
Or the integrity of its own doctrine?

I rest in this awakening peacefully
And wish it for all humanity.

©2011 Cindy Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

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2 Responses to Rebirth: To what end does life consider spiritual philosophies?

  1. beautiful words and imagery here. May that final sentence be our prayer every day.

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