Food expression….when your senses need rejuvenation!

Comfort foods?  Oh yes! 🙂    I’ve set up shop in a new place.  It’s cold today and I’m off again to the ether space, to joyfully touch down something heavenly found!  Amidst the grocery crystalline adventure, I’m in my kitchen and I don’t need a picture for this lip-smacking tincture!

A Peach High

The sky’s a pie
A deep dish sigh
Peach and lime
Sweet and tart
Oh so fine!

My lids I close
Surrendering eyes
A self imposed blindfold
As I reach up high
And sense instead
This nature divine

Perfectly ripe peaches
Drip syrup
And their sweetness shines
Bursting juice of fruity limes
Balance the palate
Of a peachy high
One other combination
Ignites this fire

Wholegrain oats, flour, and butter
In a brown sugar crust
With cinnamon spice
A whipped cream topping
Makes delectable the bite

Who can resist
Such natural sweetness
For dessert tonight?
A unique crisp
Is a cool jewel
A dream of summer
So why not create
This delightful jive
Bring forth your own concoction
On this wintry night!

Cheers to all in your kitchen tonight!

©2011 Cindy Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

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One Response to Food expression….when your senses need rejuvenation!

  1. love this, made me smile and laugh!

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