Buy American Made = Stimulate The Return Of A Growing American Economy :)

Revive An American Train

A cultural vibration
Has come over me,
Multitudes of sentiment
In the grind of our work days,
A message of light
In our economic living.

It’s origin has come
From somewhere on high,
A light that filled my heart and mind.
It has poured out of a pen
And moved first to paper,
Then crafted a turn virtual
Through this hardware
We call a computer.

Another way
Is being made known to me
To live respect in our own Economy.
Don’t wait Americans
For a structure to dictate
Our economic policy.

We have the power
At this very hour
In our own down home choices
To ignite an economic fire
For new jobs and investment
In our own America.

Those choices we call ours,
Are buying American made products

To support our basic needs in everyday living.

Supply and demand
Comes out of our hand,
Which the hand of commerce then turns
To ignite our train.

Greed for profits by organizations
Has created our pain,
And we followed suit
In choosing to buy
Items made on foreign soil.
Our dollars by our choice
Left our own geography!

But we have possession
Of a great spark,
And that is our choice
To reinvest in our own resources
In our own country, America
And buy American made!

Supply and demand, we create,
Through how we ourselves
Use the power of manifestation
From our own hands
To support our own basic human needs
Down home, starting with our families.


Let’s go shopping.
What products do we choose
To create this new American train

To help ourselves to employment gain?

Let’s buy American Made!

The boots I need for walking
Who makes them in America?
The clothes I need for wearing
Who makes them in America?
The food we need for our lives, sustaining?
Where’s the local farmer around the corner
Who produces food on our own American soil?

Let’s not wait
For our government’s date
To create economic policy
With perhaps ingredients missing!

We are the ingredients
Of the recipe.
We hold the key
To the hand of commerce
And its breathing in our country! 🙂

Our focused choices
To buy American Made
Will begin to bolster
Strength in our own country,
To the very depths of our households and families.

Even if the idea of buying something American
Seems costly right now,
Have faith in the steam of creation in our own engine.
Ways will emerge for all Americans
To participate in buying products made in America.

This is the creation of our renewed economic train,
And it will bring jobs home again.
Supply and demand
Can be a wonderful engine
When we feed the fire
With our own wood burning.

I’m not saying to boycott
Global multiculturalism!
The message I relay
Is one of respect
And starts at home
Within our own sentiment.
When we respect our own resources,
We begin to see
The ability within to respect external energies.

Respect has the potential
To burgeon globally,
When each system
Gives reverence to its own resources
And follows with world caring in creation
When countries begin global economic negotiation.
But this concept must start at home
For its light to spread living

I believe our train has begun.
It has taken form under His sun.
Americans are ripe for new economic creation.
The sentiment of economic stimulation
In our own geography is already spoken.
Every day I hear it
From many of you fellow Americans.
Let’s get cooking
We are the recipe ready for baking!

©2011 Cindy Eksuzian, All Rights Reserved

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5 Responses to Buy American Made = Stimulate The Return Of A Growing American Economy :)

  1. very, very well said. As a Canadian, I refuse to buy things made across the ocean. This continent of North America is able to provide for all of our needs. Canada does crazy things like send gypsum to a foreign country to be made into wallboard and then shipped back to us. that’s just one example. Everything we need can be made right at home. Let’s all spend our dollars wisely and let nations take care of their own needs before shopping abroad.

    • Changing the way we individually choose to make consumer choices can help kick start something better for our economy! Your comment holds much power for awakening consumers to a more focused and respectful way of treating ourselves before we consider purchasing a product made on foreign soil. This is in regards to the economic resources at our disposal in our own countries! Let’s look at how we can create with these first! I really appreciate that you spoke up! It may seem like an expensive idea at first but, the larger picture holds the key to many more elements of economic expansion that will occur because of the tide of supply and demand created in this way. Thank you so much for commenting!

  2. 19 July 2012. I just discovered this incredibly detailed and justified post on the link below. This message of globalism is an economic lightbulb for America to wake up irregardless of politics, democratic or republican, and begin reinvesting on our own shores.

  3. I’d like to offer a consumer perspective as it relates to this post about buying American made products. This perspective is in regards to looking towards our future economic conditions and focusing on basic human needs such as food, clothing, shelter with emergency power back up.
    Just considering the global economic conditions and how each economic factor relates to and affects other economic factors, I think it would be prudent for Americans to wisely consider spending their income only on things they really need to live. Forget the disposable income items. If you read these two articles found on the links below, I think you’ll get the picture that being prudent is a wise consideration right now.

    This other link below is an excellent article on the myriad disruptions to our lives that natural disasters, widely fluctuating weather patterns and storms that are all happening more frequently and together can affect abilities to live our daily lives.

    We need back up plans! Don’t wait.|utmccn=(organic)|utmcmd=organic||

    Sticking to domestic purchases for these items and as well actively trying to support your local economies for any basic needs purchases during these economic and environmental conditions would be very prudent and supportive of your local business communities.

    God Bless.

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