WE….To be or not to be, or how to be?

The Earth.  What a wonderful resource WE have, that He has given us.  The Earth gives to us freely, all the ingredients to harvest food that WE need to sustain our lives.  The Earth, our catalyst, to drive us all to participate in the creation of this sustenance WE need to live life.  WE are all kinds of people who need the same BASIC things.

How beautiful it is to see a farm field of harvest. One pumpkin gives us many seeds. What are we going to do with them for the next planting season?


WE are all kinds of people.
People that have to be told,
People that just get it,
And people that don’t

For example,
I am talking about our seeds sown
How we project our biological know how
Reveals to us
The way WE can live life
Or the way we can outdo ourselves

Outdoing ourselves
Can lead to others
Seeing us as competitors
And without the conception of WE
We wind up sowing the seeds of discontent
Our own, and everyone else’s
In our presence

Our valley of life
Becomes jealousy
A condition ripe for strife
Craters covered
By a plush velvet carpet
And when we desire to walk ahead
We instead
Fall into their algae entanglements

We the breeders
Of this harmful consciousness
Can not escape our own traps
Of disillusionment
We are the breeders
For we are all together in this

If I desire
To aspire,
To be the best at this
And the best at that,
What really do I have
In all of my efforts?

My own aspiration
So determined and strong
Fuels the sense in others
That they must copy along
To be the greatest achievement
At something
That to our own minds
Is uniquely our own
Consequently, this path has left me
Many feelings of discontent
As I’ve been pondering it for so long

The other day
I sat in Grandpa’s old chair
Trying to understand
What life has brought me here
Here in my own existence

And I realized
In aspiring to climb
The highest mountain
The one to the LORD
I have really achieved something!
Vanity of vanities
I realized,
I am trying to outdo myself!

And when I do this
I spur competition in others
This burgeons jealousy
Because those in my presence
Do not want to feel
A lack in themselves

What am I doing to myself?
To be, that is the question, right?
To be the most beautiful I can for my age?
To express my talent with unending sage?
To extol the most wisdom out of myself?
To give to others what’s high on the shelf?
Here it is again,
Vanity of vanities

Don’t these intentions
Within me lead
To a mind that is breeding
An environment of earthly discontent
A pot of psychobabble sentiment!

Wait!  What a waste of time!
There must be a happier direction!
Do you know the other day,
I found it!
A lovely cookie recipe
In a local newspaper
Someone SHARED it
And I, I EASILY received it
Wholesome ingredients
With a taste of spicy sweetness

Here it is!  (this recipe is exactly as the chef presented it, as represented by a local Montana news media publication)

I cut this recipe out of a Montana news media publication and forgot which newspaper printed it. However, the only thing that matters is passing it along. It is really a great recipe!

When we continually try
To outdo ourselves
We blind our own eyes
To the ease of receiving

Peace becomes hidden
Beneath stiff and inflexible competition
Gifts meant to come to us naturally
Through the presence of HIS divinity
Will always be out of reach
When we continually choose our own ambitions
In the presence of others needs

I aspire
To continually know the difference between
That which He gives us freely
And that which I breed
That causes vanity of vanities
And strife and jealousy

For to know this,
I then have the opportunity
For my very own me
To grow towards WE.

©2011 Cindy Eksuzian, all rights reserved

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“Walking On His Footstool,”

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