At Christmas: Restoration Is The Theme When We Rebuild With Heart Energy

It is always amazing to me when we choose to stop for a moment, this busy way of being we subject ourselves to every day.  What happens?  We have the opportunity to see the daily grind of our lives, our families, our material priorities and our man made schedules.  It is almost as if (no disrespect intended to our wonderful armed forces who willingly choose to protect our cherished freedoms while we are comfortably at home in America), we’ve militarized our lives for the goal of structural and material success.  The emptiness that can filter into our feelings of living only for material goals and our ego, has a way of encouraging us to see another path of opportunity.  That is, to listen more to our hearts!

Our hearts, that tell us when and where someone or something needs love and support!  It may be “yours truly” or it may be a friend or a family member, or our earth!   What is amazing to me is the wonderful balance that can emerge within ourselves and be created with each other and our earth, when we make the choice to listen to our hearts.   All of a sudden our militarized daily grind has the opportunity to take on new meaning!

I propose that this “seeing” from our hearts is a way of consciously choosing to understand how other people feel when they walk their walk in life.  In the Missoula Independent, I came across a poignant article about a writer, who purposely chose to become a homeless man to see what it felt like.   He remarks,  “‘I huddled in the cold in plain view.  People passed by or stepped over me….  In a half an hour, 127 souls passed and I thought, this is what it feels like to be invisible.”‘

Especially now, when so many of us are struggling in our daily grinds, a dose of heart energy is sorely needed everywhere!  So, if we can, let’s stop for a minute, when we’re paying our bills, or diligently striving to make our quotas at work…..stop for a minute, and listen from our hearts to someone or something else.  It is so wonderful how this enlivens our daily perspectives!


Mount Sentinel, Missoula, Montana

When we love the earth
She loves us back
And God seems to give us a way
To exactly understand this fact
His lesson of abundance for us
Is virtually right on track

Eco system in play on a sunny summer day! Mount Sentinel, Missoula, Montana

The rains of last Spring
Brought profusions
Of mountain wild flowers
What gifts in these?
Oh, joy to our eyes
While we’re hiking
Creatures, get to go pollinating
WE, all of us, benefiting
In His prairie mountain meadows

Feeling love in the identity of a name
Not just our own I say!
Our hearts can expand here
It’s plain as day

An easterly view from Mount Sentinel, Missoula, Montana overlooking Route 90

Where mountain floral beauty
Exists right beside
Heavenly scented pine
So happily they reside together
Each receiving His sunshine
Why can’t we choose to rhyme
In this kind of time?

When we choose to care
For someone or something
Besides ourselves,
What great potential
We can see to give birth
To what really matters in our lives
And that is,
Our hearts are our worth

Our worth?
Oh no, this is not about
Counting currency to our name
It’s not about being the best
In some competitive game

It’s about giving our hearts
To someone or something in need
In need of love
Compassion called heart energy
Caring and support that is free

A westerly view of the city of Missoula, from the Waterworks hillside.

The daily grind
Of our structures and wires
Veils us from seeing
His love, His Holy Spirit
Until we lift ourselves up
Out of the fog
Especially now,
We can choose to do this
At Christmas

Don’t let this vibration pass
By the way, do you see Him?
He is a heart
Made of snow covered grass

A natural heart sculpture of snow covered grass, front and center, where earth and sky meet.

His mountain hills
Are our mountain hills
When we choose to walk with Him thus
And when we listen to Him
We are always on track

Through Him,
We make ourselves happy
When we make someone or something else happy
And that is a fact!
In His lesson of abundance
There is no lack!
God bless to you all
And Merry Christmas.

©2011 Cindy Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

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2 Responses to At Christmas: Restoration Is The Theme When We Rebuild With Heart Energy

  1. what a beautiful, heartfelt message. thank you. Merry Christmas to you.

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