“Hey Judge, Are You Judging Me Or Yourself?”

Judgement….our personal opinions projected to ourselves and to those in our environment.  We do this so often, sometimes we don’t even realize just how often we judge and the affect our judgments have on others.

“Hey Judge, Are You Judging Me Or Yourself?”

A southerly view of River Road, Hatfield, Massachusetts

A melange of consciousness
This picture of nature
Our macadam pathways
And working structures
Dimmed in darkness
By projections of judgment.

His fallen snow
Over farm fields, forests and grasses
Our sky of brightness
Tinged by minds of cloud formations,

All of this a potential
Of swirling conversations
And opinions.
Is it possible to harmonize these rhythms,
To bring fields of sunflowers to our creations?

Can we jive together
To flow and let go
Of judgment vibrations?
Can we do this?
This is my question,
To heal separation.

Dry rocks and dirt,
Places we’ve walked on earth,
Biased manifestations we’ve laid down
Have brought us to thirst
In the wilderness.

How can we grow flowers
Next to each other,
If we seek only the glory
Of our own opinions?
When we do this,
We make others feel less than
And judged, in their conversations.

Judgment swirls
In eddies and pools.
A foggy concoction,
A mixture of air
And rumbling water
Over boulders and chasms
In our psychology rivers.

One is this way because they are good.
One is that way because they are bad.
Oh labels….

She’s too old to wear those clothes.
His dress, his kind of cool doesn’t rule.
Her words, don’t turn me on,
So I’ll just degrade her efforts.

“Hey judge,
Do you realize
You are judging yourself for all that?”

Many years ago one day
I went to church on a Sunday,
Very unhappy in a miserable way.
I sat in a pew
Forgetting to pray.

Instead what I did was complain.
I lamented to the atmosphere
About the people around me
And the energy of their way.

In the midst
Of my harangue
A voice came to me.
Out of nowhere it spoke crystal clear, perfectly.

The voice was my body
The voice was the church
The voice was the ceiling
The voice was the pew
The voice was the walls
The voice was the floor
The voice was the earth.

The voice said to me
“I am the One, Who judges.”
So loud it was, in my hearing.
And like a lightening bolt
I realized then,
That for every opinion
I projected about others
In judgment of them,
I was judging myself
For the same opinions.

No wonder it’s hard to create harmony
When our rhythms are full of cacophony!
So where can we turn our psychology
To a positive possibility,
And remove these judgment vibrations
Isn’t this a way of letting go,
A feeling of relaxing resistance,
A feeling of movement into forgiveness?

I have pondered this often.
Have you?
I would wager
It’s a sure bet that
So hasn’t all of humanity!

One day I went walking
And our glorious Earth
Capitalized on my sensations.
She showed me a possibility
Of happy and abundant perception!

A beautiful section of path on the Telephone Line Trail, Mount Toby, Sunderland Massachusetts.

Do you see the Green Man
Up ahead in the path?
His eyes are sleepy,
Short wooded tracks.
His nose is a boulder
And his mouth smiles wider
As I conceive his map.

His strong, wooden chin
Meets the path edges
And gallantly greets the foliage
Burgeoning around him.
He’s a Santa Claus,
In Mother Nature’s creation!

His message to me
Brought sudden glee.
A way out of judgment
Means choose a happy direction.
When we do this,
We reduce negative vibrations
Within ourselves,
And in all of our surroundings.
This is a way of nourishing.

Nourishing ourselves,
We do every day,
To stay fit and healthy
For work and play.

The best nourishment
Is happy water,
Like a field of sunflowers
Gracing our structures
On a sunny day.

One summer planting a few years ago on Route 5 & 10, Whately, Massachusetts

Think of it this way.
When we pour the liquid
That quenches our thirst,
We can drink from our cup
Of positive worth.

Certainty blue
Our validation, our hue,
Creates positive thought
Within ourselves
And in our relationships!

Every time
Those feelings of judgment
Try to pollute
Our happy rhymes,

Remember to pour sunshine.
And in our mind’s eyes
His field of sunflowers
Blesses our cups
When we drink up.

Gone is judgment
Inside of ourselves
Towards others,
And their structures.

What a dawning it is,
When our spirit is with us in movement
Towards peaceful environments.

©2012 Cindy Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

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One Response to “Hey Judge, Are You Judging Me Or Yourself?”

  1. Enjoyed studying this, very good stuff, thankyou . “A man may learn wisdom even from a foe.” by Aristophanes.

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