Individuation: My Will, His Will, Without Faith A Windmill

According to Carl G. Jung in his book, Man And His Symbols, the process of individuation is possible.  He states on page 156 of this book, “Any one of us can see, of course, that there is a conflict in our lives between adventure and discipline, or evil and virtue, or freedom and security.  But these are only phrases we use to describe an ambivalence that troubles us, and to which we never seem able to find an answer.”

He states that there is an answer.  “There is a meeting point between containment and liberation, and we can find it in the rites of initiation.”  Initiation “can make it possible for individuals, or whole groups of people, to unite the opposing forces within themselves and achieve an equilibrium in their lives.” 

This process of individuation in my experience requires an incredible amount of faith.  Faith by which, one calling upon the highest force in the universe, receives through their higher self, everything they need to unite these opposing forces within themselves to create this equilibrium.

The top of the mountain, Whirlaway Trail at Jiminy Peak, The Mountain Resort, in Hancock, MA., provides a wonderful view of the Northern Berkshire Mountains in Western Massachusetts if you're up for a hike in the Berkshires.

The following poem came upon me suddenly and it’s how I feel about the process of individuation.  It can be quite a rabbit hole or circuitous route if one does not choose faith in God to keep from being whirled away!  I hope readers, that you can find some humor in this post, humor for our frail, human condition! 🙂

My Will, His Will, Without Faith A Windmill

What does my will get me?
What does His will give me?
What is it we really need,
To fulfill this individuated
Quest we are seeking?

The revelation is free,
He makes known to me.
Like the dawn, the sunrise greets,
Why didn’t I see this originally?

Sunrise in the Pioneer Valley, Massachusetts, one dewy, late Summer morning at dawn.

Oh blunder of blunders….
It must be my ego
Crusting my skin
And filling me.

So this will of mine, what does it get me?
Miracle of miracles,
I’ve discovered it!
A Spring of life,
Tumbling water, an ethereal delight!

I strengthen my will
To receive this right.
I hear its beauty
I see its life.

Oh!  My knowing is activated!
I’m to be open!
He’s going to send me a communication.
I feel it coming
In my sensory perception!

This will of His, what shall He give me?
It’s in front of me on earth
This very night……
Indeed, this very night all right!
Why can’t I see Him?
Why is it so dark, this flight?

Oh wonder of wonders!
There’s His bright light!

Alas…..Oh sheepishness.
I thought I was on to something big!
A revelation for me!

Oh sheepishness.
I stop,
And set myself down.
This humble pie is too profound.
I pray for forgiveness,
For His blessing I found.

His gift is a bright light all right.
The Lord wants me to wake up
To a fact of life!
For that which I try to possess in flight,
Makes for bumpy navigation
And blindness to His light.

On the other hand
If I keep walking towards Him
In loving faith,
He’ll reward my loyalty
With joy in my life.

Like our beloved animals
Are to our lives,
Do you see the white face
In the water fall?
Why, it’s the face of a dog
The kind face of a Labrador.

The spirit of dog in the water.

And like a dog loves his master,
I am to be loyal
To my ever loving faith in God.
When I do this,
I don’t have to try so hard.
I don’t have to possess
The living of His light.

When I wake up in faith,
I see,
That He has already rained
His loving water on me.
I don’t have to do a blessed thing,
But love Him in faith
And what He blesses me with,
I receive freely.

Wild Iris in the Spring Garden, wet from a fresh rain the night before. A winter dream of Spring in the making.

He quenches my thirst
With water and life.
My flowers and leaves
Are healthy and bright,
Because I turn my faith
To His loving light.

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©2012 Cindy Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

An Odyssey Woven In Poetry And Photographs

 “Walking On HIS Footstool,”

A trail from individuation to divine respect.

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If you read more of my posts on this blog, you may discover some interesting results of individuation and what faith can bring you when you venture into your own rabbit hole!

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One Response to Individuation: My Will, His Will, Without Faith A Windmill

  1. Jeremiah 4:3

    “Break up your fallow ground,
    And do not sow among thorns.”

    “What does my will get me?” Too often, choosing only our own will leaves us vulnerable to collapsing into allowing ourselves to be seduced by someone or something in the environment; and thus, accepting and manifesting those circumstances in our lives that actually hurt us or, keep us from living something even more rewarding for our existence.
    When we wait for God to help us by having His hand guiding our will, the most rewarding light fills our existence in everything we do.

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