The Piranha Effect

I write what I see.  I write what’s given to me, to glorify the LORD and offer a version of help for humanity, even if I am only one small voice in the sea.    So please don’t take my writings personally.  I am not pointing my finger at anybody, particularly.  As well, blame is of no use to us anyway.  I am just offering a perception of our human living in photos and poetry that the LORD has given me as a way to look more closely at ourselves, in order to discover a path towards healing our humanity.  God bless all of us as we intend our living, when we rise up to meet Him in our choices every day.

The Piranha Effect

What a stark contrast of the dark earth, and the sun shrouded by an ominous looking weather front moving into the valley.

This was an awesome group of photos I took one day a couple of years ago. A storm system came in over the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts and these particular clouds settled into, to me, what looks like a Piranha over a structure.  The piranha is of course as we know, a predatory fish with very sharp razor like teeth.

Inequality shall become a mess.
The great divide
Between rich and poor
Will continue to widen.
There will be strife
And particularly, social unrest.

Converging cloud masses having the potential to unite, or clash due to storm systems meeting.

Unless we choose to see
The economic and human needs
Of ALL of us.
This is an opportune time
An election year,
For our candidates and lawmakers
To pay attention,
And do something
That will help all of us,
Instead of remaining
On one partisan side of the fence. 

Continued poor economic conditions
Left to replicate
Will prolong the breeding
Of disproportionate needs in peoples
To maintain their once American Dream
Standards of living.

People will do what they can,
Even illegally,
If they don’t see structural support
On our governmental highways.

Unlawful conditions will burgeon and persist
Within our social structures
And for a time these circumstances
Will go unnoticed
Due to the many clever minds
And their energetic theft of intellectual property.
This will occur and not just virtually,
But especially through the use of false prophecy.

An eye trained to see
Energy that is not visible
In our physical reality
Questions life more spherically.

It is a bit disconcerting at times, to wonder that besides the physical matter surrounding us humans , creatures, vegetation and land masses, that other non matter forms of energy could be watching us. If this circular disk is truly a non matter form of energy and not a large moisture drop, then, to me it really is a wonder how much more of the universe we are a part of, that is non matter!

I found it very interesting that my camera, which did have a clean lens because I checked, caught this circular form of energy between the two men seated, (unbeknownst to them??)  inside a building.

Are these large diaphanous disks,
Above in the two photos,
The one in the trees
In front of me while hiking,
And the one between
My two wonderful comrades
I had the pleasure to meet
While volunteering,
Just a film of moisture
In the atmosphere,
Or are they an astral traveller
Interested in collecting information?
By the way,
I checked my camera screen
After I took these photos
It was clear and clean.

This great divide
Has already entrenched
Tremendous greed in our living.
Peoples lives are hurting
And a chasm continues to widen.

Peoples desires to maintain
An American Dream style of living
Will reveal desperation
In their needs to pay household bills,
Maintain their rich clothes,
And drive their “in style” vehicles.
It’s a very scary thing for everyone,
When we find ourselves in the midst
Of losing that which
We’ve worked long hours all our lives
To maintain.

Our governmental structures
Need to focus more on taking care of us,
Instead of being too concerned
With the latest power coup
Over a partisan dress,
Which inflates the clothes
And heightens the nose.
As humans, in the midst of competition,
We are all susceptible to this.

The need for less economically advantaged people
To be discerning with economic and relationship choices
Will be tremendously great.
People will compete just to live
From the less worthy side of the fence
Commercially, socially
And in transactions of consumerism.

If one doesn’t choose to turn closely to God
So He can keep us safely discerning
In our personal directions,
I really have to say
We might as well allow ourselves to get buried
By this crazy world so harried
In greed.

I guess I’m a broken record
About this situation!
But I have to say again,
Tax reform could help us.
Please listen and do something!

©2012 Cindy Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

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2 Responses to The Piranha Effect

  1. very very well said! kudos.

  2. At the very end of this poem I mention Tax Reform. I think this is a critical issue as well as tighter tax regulation especially in those economic areas where business and government use the internet as a vehicle to conduct business.

    Tax funds in government coffers are so limited right now due to the high unemployment conditions in our country and the lack thereof those income tax funds going into government programs to support US citizens.

    As quickly as possible, the US government should really address the vulnerability to business fraud that seems to be increasing over the internet. IF they don’t, we will have a deep divide between peoples and this will burgeon a difficult to manage social unrest.

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