Entitlement: A Valentine From Soul To Ego

“Oh Ego,” Soul exclaims, “Here we are together, looking into the reflecting pool again.  Is it ho hum or hum drum or some tough love communication?”   Today’s lesson is one of less worthy behavior versus appropriate convention, packaged for repast into a Valentine.

Chocolate must be a scientific remedy for winter's shortened daylight hours and challenges to sustain ourselves with the appropriate amount of vitamin D aka sunshine!


When one chooses to give respectfully
And the other party
Chooses to receive in turn the same energy,
We have a positive exchange
Of entitlement passing appropriately. 

Ego will ask,
“To what am I appropriately entitled?”

Soul will respond,
“This is a question for me,
And a lesson for you, my beloved Ego.” 

The perfect pillow reminder!

“Am I ever dressed in appropriate clothing?” Ego petitions.
“Yes,” Soul declares,

“When you ask God through me,
How to navigate behavior under good regulation.” 

This old pony was quite a character, with a sweet and stubborn disposition.

Ego’s senses are less than lively
From abundant excesses,

Of over sleeping and self indulgment.
However, curiosity for the desire of procuring
Has caused sort of, an awakening.

Teacher and student.

“Okay!” Ego skeptically exclaims,
“What does ‘under good regulation’ mean?”

Soul brightly responds,
“Why, it’s respect!”
“Respect helps us love each other
Without the entanglements
Of expectation and judgment.” 

“So, in profound joy and love for you, Ego,
Soul endearingly gushes,

Let your imagination
Radiate bright progress! 

“Your Valentine’s gift is a treat
Of sweetness steeped

In something tart
A noticeable zip 
Folded into a nougat
Of golden honey and decadent chocolate.” 

“And it’s my intention
For this recipe to cause you to question
The particular flavor
So lively on your taste buds!
I love you Ego
Gently and uncompromisingly!” 

“Who are you, Ego,
To feel that you deserve

To eat from a platter
Selfishly gleaned from the Earth?

What have you done
To feel that your worth
Is so entitled
To automatic sanction?

What have you given?
What have you received?
Why are you taking so disrespectfully?
This is the real question. 

Taking from the Earth
Without respecting existence

Breeds such elite selfishness.
And more often than not
A resonance that communicates entitlement
And power that is void of respect,
Or only makes the appearance
Of said sorely needed ingredient.

Oh Ego,
Your existence is petrified cement
And you reveal this energy
In your choices of manifested acts.
Time reveals all of your predicaments.”

Soul continues,
“Did you know Ego,
That every manifestation
In the way you choose
To achieve your individual prescription
Hurts humanity from a broad perspective,
In every locality you visit
And to varying degrees of living,
When you only pay attention
To temptation and seduction.”

Eventually, these intentions of yours
Lead only to the depths of feeling

A disgrace and humiliation.
Because at some point,
God reveals His judgment through time
When you don’t live your actions
Under good regulation. 

However, Ego, you can make a better choice.
I only ask

That you listen to me when you arrive
At your precipice of discernment
Instead of collapsing into self gratifying moments. 

Ego ponders out loud,
“So how does this better choice

Serve me?”
Soul gently admonishes,
“Ego, when you serve others,
You are serving yourself
And when you multiply this way of service,
You multiply the receiving of your very own gifts,
When, you listen to God through me, in faithfulness.” 

“Of course,” declares Soul,
“You have the right of free will in this.
But remember,
This is my gift to you, Ego,
Because I love you so much!
As your Higher Self,
I wouldn’t have chosen to stick by you
Through thick and thin
And in forgiveness.
So on this Valentine’s Day,
I hope you are listening.” 

“So where’s the golden honey
And the decadent chocolate?” Ego challenges.

“Oh beloved Ego,” Soul responds,
“You need only to walk
Respectfully across
That delightful bridge
That transcends you 
Into light from darkness,
To bask in the sunshine
Of Heavenly sweetness
And the delight of joyfulness.” 

Ego puzzles, “Okay….,
So when do I get my treat?”
Soul responds,
“When you learn the Valentine’s gift I gave you,
Your lesson called respect.”

“Ego, I love you a million swedish fish!
Many blessings to you,
On your walk towards enlightenment
When you learn
Your bright star of achievement!
And that is,
The way you treat others
You’ll be treated in turn.
This is your lesson of respect
On your walk of adulthood.
Happy Valentine’s Day Ego!”  

©2012 Cindy Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

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  1. I am continuously invstigating online for ideas that can facilitate me. Thanks!

  2. James Leach says:

    Love this rendition its beautiful !!!!

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