Guilt Or Freedom: A Perspective From The Book, Walking On HIS Footstool

It’s a fine Saturday morning this 18 February, 2012.  A dusting of white fell softly last night.  Outside the air is a crisp freshness and the sunlight is unusually bright.  There is a particular moisture of Spring in the air; a hopeful hint of continuing thaw as we move into late winter.  What a great and happy feeling of anticipation to smell the pine trees redolent again!

For some reason today, this wonder of nature has left me with a deep contemplation of the choices we make frequently in our living.   Choices that can result in our having feelings of guilt or freedom.  It is the joyful sense in my being that the hope of Spring is like the hope of freedom!  It’s buoyancy is there for us, in the fact that the coming of Spring is as constant a truth as our positive hope to see a path to freedom from deep within.  All we need do is make the choice that gets us there!

Consequently, it is my sense to offer a spiritual communication of a story in poetry of how I found myself faced with such a situation and how I made a choice that manifested a walk in freedom.  These concepts are a strong foundation in Walking On HIS Footstool, the book of poems and photography that God gave me to write.

A combination of prophetic photos and spiritual poetry by Cindy Eksuzian.

A tale of individuation and the cultivation of divine respect, in poetry and photos.

When we make choices that result in us feeling guilty, fear and shame reside in our energy and limit us from successfully resonating the strength and spirit to overcome obstacles and make the correct choices for our future.

But when we choose with God helping us in our decisions, decisions made from courage deep within because we’ve called upon God’s presence to be with us in a particular decision, the light of freedom and the feeling of having created our own safety in the fact that we’ve preserved the truth of who we are, is extremely profound and bright.  Our knowing is spot on that our choice is leading us in the right direction.

These feelings open the door within us to feel and know the consciousness vibration of Divine Respect, not only for ourselves, but also for the broader picture of the story we tell and the lessons we’ve learned from it.


Guilt Or Freedom

The resonsance of guilt or freedom
Is the resulting emotional vibration
From a free will choice

In our decision making.

Do we position ourselves,
Or, do we allow ourselves to be found

In a position
Where the environment
Has created the situation?

Sometimes we have no choice
In the matter,
Because of governmental ways
And social construction.

But, when it comes
To revealing our personal character,
Our own choice matters most
For our own protection.

Which decision is for my highest good?
What does “highest good” mean for me?

The word high
Can be defined
From multiple perspectives,
Physically, materially,
Socially, and spiritually.
In our choices, we must decide.

But our intent and manifestation
To accept God in our decision making,

Broadens the ride
To depths and heights
We can’t consciously define
Until we include Him. 


The One Most High
Won’t reveal our gift of light
Until we choose Him with us,
Our gift to Him called Reverence
When we lift up to Him to receive His gift to us
Called Respect Divine.
The light from His side

Is something I call mind blowing!

A message has come today
To me from the One, Most High
I must tell a story
That will shed His light
On a tough lesson of choice
I had to make once in my life.

I tell this tale
To help us understand
How guilt or freedom
Divinely affects our conscience
Because we all have stories like these
In our lives.

Some years ago
I had a choice to receive money
In order to sustain my living,
Believe it or not,
To refuse the stipend
Out of self preservation.
To me, this was another tale
Of Murphy’s Law,
A unique situation.

Have you ever been out of work
And refused unemployment?
I was out of a job
And I did choose to do this,
With the help of God,
Knocking on the door
Of my conscience.

I created this position
Because I didn’t want to take money
From an establishment
And lie about new employment cultivation.

You see,
There was a particular environmental situation
That aggressively projected employment energy
Here and there,
That I perceived was attempting to
Harmfully affect my career choices and living.

That because of abusive power
In the environment,
To accept or be directed towards
Any of these job offers
Would have put my life
In an oppressive condition.

By Federal Law,
One must not refuse employment offers
While collecting an unemployment stipend.

This was a painful decision
That adversely affected my material living.
However, as I reflect in contemplation,
I made this decision

With God holding my hand,
And to this day,
I feel better off in my conscience;

I am freely walking
And unfettered by guilt emotions,
Because I caused for me,
A position of freedom.

I can only surmise
That this kind of choice
Faces all of us
In one form or another
In the daily living of our lives.

The way I see it,
In order to overcome obstacles,
The choice to live truthfully
Or to tell a lie,
Is really a gift
We give ourselves
To see how close
We desire to rise in faith
To the One, Most High.

You might wonder
What benefits I received
By materially cutting off
A way of sustaining
My financial needs?

At the time I thought
I was nuts,
To make a decision
So righteous.

In addition to
Freedom of conscience,
I preserved my integrity
In the way of conducting business
And this left me
With good customer references
For new job experiences.

I don’t know about you,
But in my estimation,
Word of mouth
Regarding a person’s character
Is everything. 

The lessons of guilt or freedom
Are a beautiful call from our souls.
They hail to us in heavenly vibrations
To help us realize
That their love is there for us
Through the ruts, rocks and bumpy places,
Is always there in forgiveness and abundance,
When we choose God
To be with us
In our decision making. 

©2012 Cindy Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

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3 Responses to Guilt Or Freedom: A Perspective From The Book, Walking On HIS Footstool

  1. It is one of the reasons why I keep going returning to this website. That post can be a helpful advise and I are unable to delay to begin making use of these. I really like how it’s visible which you made a number of time and energy throughout study. We hate this when I examine listings that are 500 terms long but you are inferior within concept. It is similar to they merely would like to the wind anyone within and they’re probably not delivering anything logical. A great number of thank you!

    • Thank you for your comment. I am glad that my writing reveals clarity for you. It is meant to reveal clarity in all the ways we humans behave and have an opportunity to heal ourselves. God Bless you.

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