Look To HIM: Rebuilding Reverence to God; Thus Respect To Ourselves And To Each Other

Because a piece of God’s humanity hurt another piece of God’s humanity, I would like to offer some reflections regarding the unrest in Afghanistan that I received through prayer. I am beset with sadness when I see and read about a spiral of conflict that pervades in a direction that doesn’t have to be.

We are all human, our lovely gift of frailty that God has given us through our greater gift of being allowed life on His earth.  The greatest gift is learning our lessons that help us make the choices to draw closer to Him in faith to repair that which has led us further away from Him.

When we exist our consciousness only on a material plane, we fail to see the value He offers us through opportunities to live respect with each other.   These choices, empty of respect, more often than not lead us to make choices that are not for our highest good.  The results of the manifestations of these choices help us understand our energy propagation as a self evident truth, because of the consequences we reap.

When He is in our choices of respect towards each other, we feel good about ourselves and good about our respectful interactions with each other.  This kind of respect is Divine because He is with us in these choices.  These are considerations of respect to ourselves, because we’ve chosen to respect each other as we’ve made the choice for Him to be with us in these creations.   These conditions offer the opportunity to burgeon peace in our lives as well as peace in the way we cause existence in humanity.

The One, Most High is the foundation of all life, and therefore creates the blessing of the Holy Spirit in all religious and spiritual foundation.  By showing Him reverence, our actions to each other are a resonance of divine respect, because we’ve allowed Him to be with us in our choices.

When we hurt another, we hurt the One, Most High.

When we hurt the One, Most High, we hurt another.

When we love the One, Most High, we love one another.

When we love one another, we love the One, Most high.

We can make a new and different choice to resolve hurt.  It would be a choice of love, which is the foundation for life, therefore it is a choice of divine respect.

The One, Most High makes me wonder aloud that our American soldiers who burned the Koran actually have an opportunity to repair and rebuild relationship through understanding a divinely respectful choice.

Could our American Military ask the appropriate Afghan leadership to allow the American Soldiers who caused this hurt, to be allowed to attend prayer service that is given through the Koran.   In other words, may we be invited to repair respect so that we can offer it to these people, who we hurt?  Most of all, our American soldiers would be repairing the disrespect they gave to the One, Most High, because they caused hurt to another.

I offer these reflections through the Holy Spirit, always and forever, given to all of us.

The Weaver

A spider in the wood. Poem, "The Weaver," and photo are on pages 18 and 19 of "Walking On HIS Footstool."

I am the weaver of my space
And my time on Earth.

What shall I make of it?

I weave my life
From the center of my universe;
Yet the knowing of my whole web
To all its reaches,
Originates from the complete core of me.

My whole platter is a circumference,
Of rhyme and reason in cascades of water,
And fullness of flower,
When I give myself the right soil
And engage my spirit to be with me.

When opportunity greets me,
My senses become ignition in unity.
His light blesses that which I weave
And I open a door to joy in me.

©2011 Cindy Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

An Odyssey Woven In Poetry And Photographs

MS, NDR Communication Tools For Conflict Engagement

“Walking On HIS Footstool,”

A trail from individuation to divine respect.  

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