Forgiveness: A contemplation of vibration in the book, Walking On HIS Footstool

In our efforts to heal the parts of us to become whole, how do we know when we’ve become the awareness in our being, the awareness that is forgiveness?

In the poem “Death Becomes Light,” along with its photo on pages 96 and 97 of the book, “Walking On HIS Footstool,”  our choice to rise in faith to the One, Most High, gives us the gift of awareness of the truth of our manifestations and causes us to contemplate the validity of our choices.  Have I planted what is truly good for me or have I planted efforts based on delusions?  Only our faith in God can help us more accurately discern truth from illusion, and then cause us to choose the right path in life.  Once we’ve become aware of this knowing inside of us, we can then rationalize both our thoughts and feelings and let go of resistance to something we may have deceived ourselves into needing, but that which we truly don’t need.

Death Becomes Light

Death Becomes Light

If I hope the being of my essence,
To rise like the tall evergreen
In the right future on my path,
Then I reach beyond the fence
Handed me by my iniquities,
And the death of my ego
Emerges His light in me.

Then I must replant in fertile soil,
Free in the LORD’s sunshine.
And the glowing orange lily
Of divine love and truth I see in me,
Will prosper in his love.

But first I must courageously uproot myself,
From the place of barbed wire,
It keeps me away from His love,
Because tares of the field occupy His wheat.

©2010 Cindy Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

What does forgiveness feel like?

What does forgiveness look like?

Can I just think forgiveness and be it?

Is forgiveness a person?

His sunlight of love and mercy descend to me when I rise in faith to HIM. When my complete essence knows this meeting, I am forgiveness.


What does forgiveness
Feel like in us?

In our feelings,
That reverberate daily
On our very own created,
Material plane of reality? 

In my reasoning 
Of past manifestations
That have made my life
The way I am living,
Can I rationalize
A state of peace 
In the midst
Of what I’ve created? 

Forgiveness feels like
A sudden something,
A vibration of relaxation
Filling my being
With love and safety
I give to me.

I feel acceptance
Of who I choose to be
And I see
I don’t need to reach
Outside of myself
To please other’s
Opinions of how I
Should be.

What they think of me
I suddenly see
Is a matter of respectful consideration
In the way of our relating
As I express my value
And simultaneously
Give recognition
To their way of being.

Do I have to think forgiveness
To be it?
In forgiveness
My reasoning becomes
A knowing
That I can take care of
Most all of
My own considerations
In my own choices
Without needing assistance
From structures around me

I give me my own respect
Of acting on courage
To choose my living,
And what I don’t know
The answers to,
Again I choose courage
To find the direction
To ask these questions
So I can respectfully become
More intelligence that helps me.

No matter how frightening
Or difficult these choices seem to be,
When I rise in faith to Him,
I can engage courage
To keep moving freely.
Thus my higher self
Walks with my feelings
And reasoning
On my path to be.

Forgiveness first
Must exist within us,
In order for us to
To let go of the feelings

That have caused resistance
With people and things 
And vibrations of contention
In our relating. 

Forgiveness is
A complete frame of essence
Not just our feelings
Not just our thoughts
Nor just our sensory perceptions.

Forgiveness thus,
Is our entire being.
Forgiveness is a person.
Forgiveness is me.

I become filled with acceptance
Of who I am,
And no matter what environment
I place myself in,
Gone is anxiety of fitting in,
Gone is defensiveness
Towards others,
For me choosing who I am
In my way of relating to them.

Gone are the hot buttons
And the behaviors that have
Activated them.
Gone is resistance,
When I am forgiveness. 

When I am forgiveness
I’m okay with everything
This may seem a strange sense to be,
But truly I feel okay with me,
Because I live my choices
Regardless of being human
Because faith has brought me
To count on the One, Most High 
In all of my being.

When I am forgiveness
In my frame of essence
I know I am forgiven
By Him.
This is all that matters
Because when this happens
Others around me
Have the opportunity
To receive these vibrations
Of forgiveness 
Without conditions.
And to me,
This is the true

Love and light
Of Him. 

©2012 Cindy Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

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3 Responses to Forgiveness: A contemplation of vibration in the book, Walking On HIS Footstool

  1. Dear Abby’s Forgiveness prayer is such a blessing of understanding, of the letting go of resistance. Here it is:

    Forgiveness is the windblown bud, which blooms in placid beauty at Verdun. Forgiveness is the tiny slate gray sparrow, which has built its nest of twigs and string among the shards of glass upon the wall of shame. Forgiveness is the child who laughs in merry ecstasy beneath the toothed fence that closes in Da Nang. Forgiveness is the fragrance of the violet which still clings fast to the heel that crushed it. Forgiveness is the reed, which stands up straight and green, when nature’s mighty rampage halts, full spent. Forgiveness is a God who will not leave us after all we’ve done.

  2. I am glad to be a visitor of this arrant web site, appreciate it for this rare information!

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