Spam: Food For Thought On Blog Post Commenting

Good Afternoon Readers,

I thought I would post my concerns about spam (not the food we eat) but a type of internet communication food that usually, in an automatic fashion thanks to Akismet,
gets put in the dumpster!  For example like onion peels!  I certainly don’t recall any recipe that includes the ingredient for onion skin, at least not in America.  Usually this is a vegetable leaving that gets thrown out, just like a spam comment!

Onion skin's best direction is to the compost pile!

Over the last few days, my blog has been bombarded with visitor comments that have landed in my spam folder!  728 spam comments.

Spammed to high heaven!

I haven’t had to go through comments in my spam folder because Akismet has protected my blog posts from many of them.  But yesterday I had to get an education on how respectful and sincere comments to posts on my blog, differ from true spam comments.

I really haven’t spent the time to figure this out until now!  So metaphorically, we bloggers could say that we have a dilemma of distinguishing between tares, or leavings, and wheat, versus valuable comments that create abundance and spam comments that go in the garbage!   If we are going to use worthy herbs like rosemary, thyme and oregano, we certainly don’t want to degrade the recipe by including vegetable leavings like onion skin!  Same scenario with blog posting and moderating post comments!

What's for dinner?

Then, we have the grey area, where spam comments are crafted in such a way so as to appear like a sincere comment.  Maybe they are, and maybe they are not.  The fact remains, that if they are put in the spam folder then chances are, they are spam.

So what do I do about the percentage of comments that are from people, who have truly read my posts, thought the content meaningful to them in some fashion, but their comment was worded in such a way that it landed in my spam folder?   Well, I certainly don’t want to throw away a sincere comment to any of my blog posts!

So,I decided to write a post to help readers know that I truly want to answer your comments and offer ideas to help spread sharing.

 The best way for a reader to feel acknowledged from a post that I write, if they are going to comment, is to comment in such a way where your comment content not only helps you as it relates to my post, but also helps the public understand how my post positively affected a situation in your life.  By relating more specifically to my posts, this sort of commenting is a way for visitors and readers of my blog to share our experiences and help each other move towards “aha” moments so we can make happier and healthier choices in our lives.

Think of it this way.  We are putting together a recipe of respect for each other so in order for each other to share in the return, we all need to create with good ingredients!

The freshest and most wholesome ingredients are like meaty blog post comments that help good relations go around!

So I guess you know I love to cook but what I'm really talking about in this post is cooking up good rapport for blogging, posting, commenting and return commenting! And for sharing great information, like this pie recipe, which is from the Hairy Biker's Pie Cookbook! Totally awesome, ham, chicken and leek pie!

Then, hopefully your comments won’t get funneled into my spam folder and deleted!

The posts I write are for all of us, every person on this Earth!  My hope in writing is that I draw traffic to my blog that offers the same value in comments.  It makes love and peace go around!

Cheers,  Cindy Eksuzian

©2012 Cindy Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

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3 Responses to Spam: Food For Thought On Blog Post Commenting

  1. Conor Bofin says:

    That’s an awful lot of (I am afraid to use the word). I had a small attack of 30 or so once. I was trying to think of something witty to say as to how you might use onion skins but was defeated by my now tired brain.

    • Thanks Conor for visiting! Yes, I thought that was completely odd to have that many spam comments. Thanks again though for concurring about my lengthy spam folder. I think I will post a screen shot of the count just for kicks! Tired brains need feet up on a footstool, a glass of wine or ale and a nice dinner! Have a great night! Cindy

  2. janusonu369 says:

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