Betrayal: Lessons Learned.

What does it mean to move on from experiences that have caused adverse and painful life situations?

In our efforts to become whole, we are always attempting to rationalize our challenging life circumstances, so we can emerge from the skin of behaviors that we don’t wish to have, or really, that we no longer need.

One such contemplation that comes to mind, are the resulting feelings we have within ourselves when we’ve been betrayed by others.  Betrayal can be extremely tough on our emotions because it makes us feel inadequate, unworthy, and more appropriately, like a victim.

However,  betrayal is also an opportunity to choose instead how to trust oneself more effectively.   In this way, we choose to walk away from being a victim and instead empower our very own self respect.


I love this photograph. The forgiving backdrop of soft green grass is a peaceful feeling, as the flower's own branches support its "coming out."

A strong faith
In the One, Most High
Keeps me safe
From deceiving eyes.

Eyes that appeared to be kind,
Were instead looking at me
To hurt my life.

What do I say
Upon the recognition
Of betrayal
When it’s hit me square
In my existence
Called time?

In my estimation,
Our lifetime is too short
For living, relating,
And creating our rhymes
Of peace and happiness
In cooking our joys.

When the realization dawns
That one has experienced duplicity,
It can be a powerful impact
To one’s feelings of security.

The impact makes one wonder,
Is there anyone out there
Who really cares
Whether one is dead of alive?
It is so painfully difficult
To pick oneself up
And keep living one’s life.

When one experiences
Betrayal upon betrayal,
One ruminates that,
There’s got to be a good reason
For such lessons
Of adverse adventure.

We suddenly understand
What it means to trust
Our own judgment
And how important it is
To pay attention
To that gut instinct.

This sense is an opportunity
To view situations
Of dishonesty and trickery,
As the occasion  to trust ourselves first,
Before we listen to the agendas
Of another’s deception behavior.

This is a ray of hope,
And leads us away from immobility,
Which has been the result
Of allowing victim consciousness
Due to our emotions taking priority.

Betrayal can be viewed
As a possibility
To claim self respect more purposefully.
For one to stand strong and clear
In one’s own energy,
Regardless of duplicity,
Or any dark power
Existing in humanity.

To claim one’s voice and character
That has been mired, jumbled,
Disorganized, and made to appear
In such a way,
Which leads the environment to believe
Illusions, that are completely
Incongruent with one’s identity,
Is the principal course of action
While existing in daily routines.

To manipulation, control, seduction
And deception, I say,
Let them be.
Stand strong freely
In your identity,
Because at some point
The universe through the One, Most High
Validates one’s truths
In the environment.
And one then realizes,
That God is the One
Who has kept one in safety.

These young blueberry buds evoke the feeling of emotional vulnerability. At this stage of their growth, they are frail, susceptible, ,and at the same time beautiful, like our feelings can be.

It is so challenging
For our vulnerable emotions
To believe that the words of another,
Can really be the advice
That lifts us out of fear,
After experiencing
Such hurt from other’s designs.

But truly, it’s a plain fact
That God helps those
Who helps themselves,
And in this,
We can allow our emotions
To be desensitized
And put on track
By our own doing.

So, victim consciousness
Hone your sword,
The sword of your will,
And choose instead
To help yourself
Discern truth from illusion.
Let God do the polishing.

Because when the time is right,
And He will give us the knowing,
He will do the judging,
In his own way
When we keep positioning
Our trust in Him.

You see, in my experience,
God’s justice is truth.
His light of truth
For the world to see
Is the most powerful judgment
Anyone can receive.

Therefore, faith in God
Will bring us to this realization.
And when we make the choice
He gives us in His dawning,
We continue to reside
In His salvation.

And forgiveness in retribution?
Is this possible?
When we forgive ourselves
For mistakes of gullibility,
We realize God is the one
Who sets the penalty.
Thus, we move into living,
Peacefully, in our own energy.

©2012 Cindy Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

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