Culture shock…or not? NOT.

Nature says so much when our hearts are open to hearing its communication.  There is nothing like being in nature on a fine Spring day, when new life is coming to the fore.  If we listen, nature helps us understand our sentiments, where ever we are, and we can thank God for this!  It’s a way we can help ourselves let go of resistance when we encounter new directions in our lives.

Western Boot and Eastern Flower

Carefree beauty is this lovely hanging, annual Fushia! Would that it be perennial in the Northern United States!

Lady Flower
Drove for hours
On a journey
Across the country.

A Southeastern view, from the Rattlesnake hills, facing the Missoula ranges, Jumbo and Sentinel.

And planted herself
In the Northwest
In a town of big mountains
And skies so heavenly.

Mountain Azalea's in Spring bloom on Mount Tom, Holyoke, Massachusetts

Her bud, so Eastern,
Is still acclimating
To this new region,
Of fine smelling pines
And sweet prairie grass
Gently waving
In lofty breezes.

Waterworks Hill, winter fields of prairie grass and wide views of the Missoula valley.

This land
So enchanting,
Breathtaking nature
And its elements
Of unpredictable weather,
Can be unforgiving
Spring, Summer,
Autumn and Winter.

But not always,
Because beauty explodes
Out of nowhere.

One of so many lovely Montana winter sunrises.

A sunrise,
East of the Divide,

Deer are as common as humans and always close by. Between cyclists and Deer no wonder the recommendation is "mosey" with City speed limits at 25. Very calming.

The wildlife,
And their carefree wandering,

The tinkling and rushing sound of flowing water in winter is everything! What can I say!

A winter scape
Of fresh water gurgling

Bring delight to the mind
And joy to the eyes,
Making this East Coast lady
Glad to be here.

This must be the reason
For her encounter last year.
One day on a mountain
Back East on its ridge,
She came upon a rock collection
A nature made outcropping,
In the woods.

It is amazing what geometry creates in Nature! But even more amazing is the syncronicity that occurs when one encounters such a wonder. This piece of nature I discovered on Mount Tom, Holyoke, Massachusetts.

And there at the base
Breaking away from its place,
Was a boot
With Western flair,
Moving away from its original space,
To a future date
Yet unclear.

This Western boot
Hard as stone,
Warmed by hot sun,
Frozen from bone cold,

Yet a hint of flexibility,
Revealed by its positioning,
A walking away
From its resolute mold,
Breaking to pieces,
Losing its stone,

Becoming accustomed
To it’s new wear,
Of soft and supple leather gear.
Walking out of the woods
And into the light,

A new understanding of regional life,
This Northwestern Town,
She found….
To lay her roots down.

The Western boot
Taught her new moves,
To dance circles
In these new grooves,

This is my first pair of Western boots! A shortie version! I guess you could say I am gently acclimating. At some point, I'm sure I'll graduate to a true style, more customary to the region! 🙂

A sensible kind of utility footwear,
Durability and style,
A sole with soft pile,
To walk for miles
In this big sky country.

Begonias are an abundant annual back East. If not here, I'll have to see what translates, when spring planting arrives!

This Eastern bloom
Is creating new room,
To flower again
Sometime soon.

©2012 Cindy Eksuzian, all right reserved.

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A trail from individuation to divine respect.

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