A Touch Of Gladness

A Touch Of Gladness

How loneliness
And imagination,
Can frustrate
Our flight to love
And freedom.

The wings of a dove
Given from above,
Are a happier choice
In the long run.

Doves. They are ground feeders, yet they take flight. They are peaceful birds with a gentle coo at dawn and dusk, reminding me of the circle of life. Simple, like the bright yellow flowers in the morning sun, dancing with the clouds in the sky. When we fill our attitude with sunshine and hope and possibility, we can fly free.

She guides us to
The right foundation
Of happiness and home.
She transforms our feelings
Of misshapen reflection,

Into relaxed compassion
For our body being human.
She propels us to freedom,
Lifting us from doldrums.

I love this song!! It has such a wonderful hope in its music. Please I ask you, in light of the name of the group, "America," do not put any patriotic or nationalistic thought into this being a part of my post. To me, this music is about hopeful movement to a new, positive and right direction. And a reminder of beautifully, timeless music! Cindy

Patience turns
The right vibration.
We suddenly know,
The wind at our backs
Is the gentle nudge
Of His everlasting love,
Moving us to
The right direction.

©2012 Cindy Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

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One Response to A Touch Of Gladness

  1. selah says:

    Love your last stanza.. Amen.

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