Owl, A Teacher

Owl, A Teacher

Late summer 2011. One day I was looking over the front yard from my deck, while I sipped on some coffee, and owl was the shape of the maple tree. Do you see Owl? He almost reminds of Yota in Star Wars! He perches in a standing position, an old sage. His wing in the right hand side of the picture appears as though it positions a staff. I love the way the branches form him. You can even see his beak! Enjoy!

Owl is closer,
By the yard.
On the edge
Between the forest
And the front lawn.
At home,
The greenery of the land,
With his staff
To the ground.

Owl is a messenger
Of the knowledge
Of the line,
The line that divides
Darkness and light,
The line that marks
A way of walking,
The line that marks
The fact we have choices.

A choice to be light
And walk in the light.

A choice to be light
And walk on both sides
Of the line that marks
Between light and darkness.

A choice to be darkness
And in darkness remain.

A choice to be darkness
And walk darkness
With a pretense of light.

A choice to walk the line,
To help those who are darkness
Choose to be light,
And walk in the light.

Whatever we choose,
To judge each other
Is irrelevant in this matter,
For He, Our Maker
Is the one we face
When our conscience
Is communicating to us,
The consequences
Of the choices we make.

Owl in close proximity
Is like the message
Of the edge species.
Owl sees like a laser beam
Whether high up as terrain
Or down close near our activities.
Owl is a teacher
That brings God to our living
To help us see
The truth of our being.

©2012 Cindy Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

Have you ever observed the natural habitat of edge species and discovered interesting aspects of creatures and their play?  We’d love to hear your findings!

What is an edge species?  Answer is on page 517 of this essay.

Edge species and the forest’s edge.

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