The Serpent Slithers A Path Of Light

The Serpent Slithers A Path Of Light

Two years ago one day
I was hiking in nature,
And I saw a cloud formation.

An example of the serpent’s workings
Has come to pass.
It has manifested
In the form of a religious nest.

Its eggs of confusion and discontent
Have hatched.
Just exactly
As the slithering reptile intended.

It cast a program
Of prideand
The desire for power,
And slithered it through
Every waking hour,
Every spiritual dream beneath
A wearable zucchetto

Is this why
In the clouds of the sky
The serpent reveals itself
As mocking the structure,
The structure whose hearts
Are the houses of worship
Led by a leader of a pulpit?

 The serpent…To me it appears as if it is considering an agenda with a horizontal structure of hearts and God has lit it up. Photo taken 2009 in the Pioneer Valley Massachusetts.

A closer view and a bit of time gone by through the movement of the clouds by the jet stream.   To me it appears the serpent has clouded the structure and is satisfied about it.  Photo take in the Pioneer Valley, Massachusetts 2009.

Its slippery programs
Of ego seduction
Have taken hold.
They affect the structure
And grow a mold
In its congregation.

On a farm somewhere between Hadley and South Hadley, Massachusetts, Route 116. Photo taken 2009.

The serpent breaths
Its evil deeds
Through the pathways of man
Too much of this from politics
And its forces of competition
Will gravely affect
This monumentally sized
Organized religion.

Isn’t this why
People are turning
To alternate pathways of spirituality
To seek Christ’s consolation?

On a hiking trail in the Pioneer Valley, Massachusetts, 2009.

Isn’t this why
Parishioners are scattered,
Confused, discontented,
Like lost sheep somewhere on
A wilderness mountain?

Sheep on Mount Jumbo, Missoula, Montana. Photo taken June 2011.

Isn’t this why
Our foundation of prayer
Has raised within us
Doubtful questions
And discontented feelings
About religion?

I discovered this impression in a rock formation while hiking in the Pioneer Valley, Massachusetts. I am not sure if it is natural or manmade. Regardless, it is quite beautiful! Photo taken 2008 or 2009.

When we see
Large structures of light
Move more heavily
To power agendas
And environments of glory
To promote a religious ideology
And fight against doctrinal degradations
Projected from competitive environments,
How then can we clearly see
God’s Holy Highway
When the doctrine itself
Immerses into arenas
That propagate less worthy conditions?

The LORD’s sky of brightness
Heaven’s luminescence,
Becomes bright sunlight muted
To dull gold reflection,
A darkened and misshapen crucifix,

Another amazing cloud formation that appears to me as if a crucifix is coming out of the clouds. Photo taken 2009 in the Pioneer Valley, Massachusetts.

The slithering belly
Has moved for centuries.
Still, we shall see
A culmination begin
That will settle within
Their church going population.

A struggle of frenzy
Wars of vocabulary,
Wars of one-upmanship,
In do-gooding ceremony.
Disagreements between ladies
Who wear habits
And their clergy,
A war for spiritual power
Within the ranks of the system.

Another sad realization
When the brightness
And Glory of the LORD
Become overcast
By those who allow
Programs of pride and power,
The serpent’s seductions.

I write what I see
I’m a lone bystander
A singular voice
Calling out for Him,
Not to pass judgment,
But to bring awareness
Of the LORD’s glory
And our chance to move with Him
For our salvation.

My prayers lift high
For our Earth and the universe
And most especially for creatures
And humanity.

We have a new choice
Every day,
To say NO
To the engagement of our ego
By the seduction
Of the serpent’s slithering.

In all of our efforts
For the glory of the LORD
Stay watchful,
And be careful through Him,
To keep pride
And the desire for power
Under good regulation.

He asks us to go quietly
And pray in secret.
There He’ll reward us
When our actions demonstrate
Sincerity without selfish agenda.

It is the same
With our efforts in living and working,
When we embrace humility
In our do-gooding.

If we advertise
Our good deeds
To the population,
Who then, are we trying to please?
Isn’t this an effort
Within ourselves
To gain recognition?

This communication
Is a message for all religions,
Houses of worship,
And their parishioners.

A great idea! Sheep are being herded on Mount Jumbo, Missoula, Montana,  to graze on the spurge, a strongly invasive species of plant. The sheep love it and we love that they’re eating it! Environmentally friendly ecology management.

Stay close to the LORD
And listen,
So His Holy Highway
Will be ever present
For our salvation.

Morning sunshine through the forest, Mount Toby, Sunderland, Massachusetts. Photo taken in 2009.

His sun will become brighter,
The serpent’s seductions
Less effective,
And the LORD’s Holy Highway
Will be clear once again.

©2012 Cindy Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

Bibliography References:

Ezekiel 34  Prophecy Against The Shepherds Of Israel

1 Corinthians 15:33  Bad Company Corrupts Good Morals

Proverbs 16:18  Pride goes before destruction And a haughty spirit before stumbling

An Odyssey Woven In Poetry And Photographs

“Walking On HIS Footstool,”

A trail from individuation to divine respect.

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