Adventure Prospecting

Adventure Prospecting

Spring color, so cheery!
Green chartreuse,
Garden Spurge,
Grown in a bed,
Artfully manicured,
Emulates the color
Of my casual shirt.

Not the wild, invasive weed,
But the garden variety,
Blooming in its compact extent,
Right next to
The spires of Salvia, so purple,
Spring colors together
Rhyme unequalled content.

Montana Bluet Flower. A trusty blue, Spring blooming beauty!

Where Montana Bluets
Grace the sidewalk,
I discovered a delightful rabbit hole.
On the spur of a moment,
I passed a respite
In an old-fashioned Victorian Manor.
The pristine, white sheets
Smelled of crisp, fresh linen.
The long mirror in the room
Was kind to my muffin.
The hot shower was heaven,
And the proprietors, well, terrific,
Not to mention
Their wonderful breakfast
With lively conversation!

I had dinner the night past,
Where steak is cooked perfectly,
According to one’s palette.
Personal service
Seems to be
The norm around here,
In this western wilderness,
Big sky born,
Cowboy prospect.

Like the imaginings
Of Last Chance Gulch,
Far off places
On the big screen,
Winsome in drover style,
No pun intended,
Just joy recommended
Cultural differences revealed
Through our American States’ heritage.

Architecture and land topography,
However modern nowadays,
Wear historical accoutrements
Mellowed with age.
They grace the streets,
And the landscape.
Very intriguing,
This country town city?

MacDonald Pass. A lovely, high vista looking East. If I am not mistaken, 6235 feet above sea level.

But presently,
I’ve a sense to name it
A relaxed, western metro
With prairie flair,
Majestic mountains
And rolling fields,
Meandering creeks flowing by
The turnpike highway,
More Poplars and Pines
Than humans, civilized,
A perfect wilderness out here
Where one definitely feels,
God’s country.

© Cindy Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

An Odyssey Woven In Poetry And Photographs

“Walking On HIS Footstool,”

A trail from individuation to divine respect.

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See my "about me" page.
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