The Offensive Disclosure

The Offensive Disclosure

Strong wind storms, like sword gusts, have a tendency to topple evergreens. The good thing is, that room is cleared for new tree growth, for new fruit with seeds to fall, to germinate and grow.

Is there a State war
Going on out there,
A war of better than
Within the bounds
Of a contingent zone,
Hot activity looming?

Or is it a war of light
A war between colors
Red versus Blue,
Blue versus Red,
Sub-psychology conspiracy
In the night?

Or a war of skill,
Of cutting and slicing
and deft movement?

Or is it
All of the above,
In levels and tiers
With the finest gloves?

The goal is a prize,
Some identity
Earthly defined,
Some notion
That man covets so high,
So far away from God,
This linear line.

Wood for fuel, and it’s pine, whose smoke smells wonderful in the air, as it burns.

A toppling, cutting,
Producing and selling,
For power and profit,
A blatantly, elite rendition
Of the consciousness of man.

The offensive disclosure
Is revealed to all
When time takes its toll,
The welfare of everyday people
Diminished, to economic edges,
Far away from fallow ground.

©2012 Cindy Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

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2 Responses to The Offensive Disclosure

  1. I would like to clarify the first stanza in my post here. I read it this morning again and realized that the world “Red,” in the first stanza, could be misconstrued from my meaning, which is “hot,” and NOT in any way an inference to Republicans. My second stanza does refer to political parties and the nature of their business.

  2. To clarify the misleading meaning of “Red,” in my first stanza, I changed the wording!

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