Glad Tidings From Western Tanager

Glad Tidings From Western Tanager

Mr. Inconspicuous!

Just the other day
In my backyard,
God gave me the gift
“We are what we eat,”
In a lovely bird
Inhabiting the background.

His handsome cap
Brightens vermilion
When his diet
Consists of nutritious fare
Meant just for him.

It is always amazing to me to see nature exhibit joy! Yesterday in 46 degree temps and rain, this lovely bird was just incredible to watch!

Western Tanager
So jaunty and fine
Hopping about
The Ponderosa Pine
Thanks for coming by
And allowing me to respect
Your prime feathered tale,
With poetry and pictures, divine.

Buddies having a romp!

Western Tanager, hiding in the Pine branches!

I am induced by the LORD
To say to myself
I shall turn hurting to happy,
And resonate comfort
Inside of myself,

Just as I choose
To eat such food
That to my body,
Brings sustenance
And health.

It matters less
What darkness
I’ve been through,
What matters to me
Is bringing God to you!

When negativity attempts
To pull me under,
I say again,
I’m not the only one
With adverse experiences,
You are too!

Like for instance,
Our Soldiers,
Who’ve sacrificed
Safety and home life
On our own soil,

To walk darkness
On foreign shores
Immersed in weapons,
Strife, risk, executions,
Smoking artillery and fire,

Why did they say Yes
To this tour boat?

To me,
It matters less, why.
What matters more
Is they’ve given their lives
To protect the safety of us
On our own shores.

These are the gifts
Of happy within ourselves
God wants us to remember,
That we’ve done something good
For another.

For those times
We’ve allowed darkness
To take us over,
When we’ve done something
We feel bad about, or less worthy,

Lift up in faith
And pray
For God to forgive us
Those ways.

The LORD descends
When we humbly repent,
And He fills our countenance
With the forgiveness
We ask for.

We know
Our Aha Moment House
Truly exists
Because it is here
We sense
God has helped us
Relax into forgiveness,
So we can remember
And feel the truth

Of our worthy efforts.

There is no other place
As nourishing as this.
Glory to YOU, LORD.
Thank you for helping me
Communicate this dispatch
Through your spritely creation
Called Western Tanager!

©2012 Cindy Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

Why does Western Tanager have a red cap?  See “Cool Facts” for the Answer.

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