Epiphany Can Be An Unfolding Of Fallacy

18 August 2014.  It is interesting to read back on previous, intuitive work.  When humans revisit locations of turmoil, much clarity can be revealed and we know how meaningful perceptions are be to heal our souls.

A woman,
She was accoutered
In a long gown,
Not royal,
Not pauperish,
By any means.

She rode
In a fine carriage
With whom she thought
Were gentlemen.
She was young
And very naive.

They took her
To a place
Out in the country,
On a moor,
The weather was raw.
It was raining, heavily.

The carriage,
Driven by horses, halted.
They exited her,
From the journey
Out of the city.

She thought
She was being driven
To a place of safety.
But instead,
They left her, alone,
On a wet
And bone-chilling

One of them,
Unknowingly revealed the demise.
She had first thought
He was a professional,
And felt compassion
For her position, so vulnerable,
But instead,
She was mistaken,
With gullibility.

They left her, solitary,
In bare feet,
No cloak
To keep her dry.
The carriage was departing,
As she stood by herself
On mounds of cold grass
Under a gray
And stormy sky.

This remembrance, a vision,
Came to her years ago,
In a courtroom,
As she stood
With an attorney
Who stated her case
Before a judge
Of the county.

©2012 Cindy Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

An Odyssey Woven In Poetry And Photographs

“Walking On HIS Footstool,”

A trail from individuation to divine respect.

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See my "about me" page.
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