The Mole And The Eaten

This is a post about a very common universal consciousness, a vision of self loathing. When realization dawns its existence, there is no way to make it a pretty picture.  The best we can do is love our innocence and live our truth.  In this we can find forgiveness for how we’ve chosen to abandon our truth in the choice we’ve made to hurt ourselves and another.  We are only human.  To be either the traitor or the victim is merely a choice.  What is the next choice we can possibly make?

The Mole And The Eaten

I dreamt last night
Of an energy I’ve known
Since the time
I was a child.

We existed in a space
Of separation.
I felt the feeling
In the mouth,
The feeling of bad taste
Due to our relating.

The bad taste of dislike,
The bad taste of revulsion,
The bad taste before vomiting,
The bad taste of betrayal.

Does the truth of me
Cause the feeling
Of self hate,
And that is the pain
Of our relating,
Me the victim,
You the traitor,
These the actions
Of our undertaking?

Certainty blue
Fills the space
In which I dreamt of you.

Certainty blue
The blue of power
A confident hue,
Always has the potential
To create competition,
Like the certainty blue
Of a partisan group
Out for winning.

Whatever the reason,
Something feels irreparable
Between us.

Last night I dreamt of its limiting feeling,
The feeling of no way to cross a distance,
The feelings of dislike we have,
In our resistance.

©2012 Cindy Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

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