Woodland Fruit In Summer…Berry, Berry Yummy

Raspberry Delight

Raspberry flowers are so hardy looking and have such depth of pink color and a perfect cream colored wreath  (stamen)  of lace.   Finding a patch of this specimen is a real treat come berry picking time!

I love coming upon a berry patch in the woods. I just have to remember the container!

Grab your tupperware container and put it in your backpack. Summer is here. The fruit is ripe. If we don’t pick them, the critters will!

Herald summer.
Plump fruit in a crisp
Is a winner.

With ice cream
Or whipped cream,
It doesn’t matter.
A summer desert
That brings joy to the heart,
Certainly exceeds winter.

When one finds a patch
That’s perennial,
A summer delight
Is inevitable,
And beats picking
And receiving just a handful.

A handful is sweet,
Mind you,
A tasty bite, yet fleeting,
But a container full
From a patch that produces
A natural crop annual
Is without a doubt
Many berry sweet remembrances,
A winner, predictable.

A wave function natural,
A fruity concoction orbital
Oh my…. definitely perennial,
And in so many ways,
Warm weather enjoyable!

I’ll leave the cooking of them
Up to your imagination.
Delightful! 🙂

©2012 Cindy Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

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