Hi again!  🙂  Very unusual for me to post multiple writings to my blog in just a couple of hours.  Hope you enjoy this one.  This subject reminds me of  a beautiful piece of art I saw when I last visited MASS MoCA.

It’s about our decision to continue with an intractable choice.     This is revealed by that place in ourselves where we realize we’ve been mixing batter with a wooden spoon over and over and over thinking we can beat it to a consistency of our will with that same utensil?   When all of a sudden we grasp that we could have used the newfangled electric mixer!..  Sets us up for that wonderful dessert called humble pie!



When we realize
That unforeseen sense,
Our nearsightedness
Becomes epiphany.

And suddenly
We reveal to ourselves,
A lifetime of
Defunct efforts,
Ones that lead us
In that circle
To the same beginning.

Through the door
Of our conscience,
It’s a wiser choice
To let God in
To our reason,

He’ll help us
Light the pathway
To our own unique intelligence.

Futility causes such fruitlessness
For we when we choose it,
We bypass our uncommon essence,
And remain in this egotistical place
Of wilderness.

When God lights our space,
We become aware
Of our choice of ignorance,
And can see ourselves
Positioned with buoyant possibility,
When we embrace His design
To humility’s essence.

©2012 Cindy Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

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