The Lure An Opportunity – The Prize Double Jeopardy

Okay so here’s some fun with dark intrigue.  I think the picture is a good example of our frail human condition, no pun on or reference to ethnicity, purely emotional anxieties!  The photo helps to prove that balance can be found not only through faith and prayer but also in comedy!  🙂

Oh and yes, I made it to 100 posts today!  Sweet!

The Lure An Opportunity – The Prize Double Jeopardy

To what end I ask?
Bliss Power Greed?

The pawn if she agrees,
To either party,
Is a double loser.
Gone will be her integrity
And any faithful inroads
She alone has made.

The two teams competing
Will both go down the drain,
For their efforts, losses and gains,
Will be much like the fall
Of Babylon.

Sources with a value agenda,
Aggressive like no other,
Play silent, duplicitous chess pieces,
To defeat each other.

A parlaying of advances
Evocative in nature
Propelled to lure a pawn,
An innocent victim
To one side of the fence
And make her appear as though
She is choosing one side
Over the other,
To what end I ask?
A discrediting of character.

An aha moment.
Double jeopardy,
Someone’s opportunity to win a game,
Cheat a person,
Slander their name,
And veil a cloak
Over partisan or state warfare?

Is this maybe
Just another reverie
From watching
The Bourne Trilogy?
A good possibility!

©2012 Cindy Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

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