Where Is The Peaceful Pathway?

Where Is The Peaceful Pathway?

The Peaceful Pathway
Is the choice inside of us
Where we live from
A heart of compassion
By the direction of God to us.

There is such a difference
This peaceful place
And the choice
To embolden our egos
We make.

Political intrigue
These days
Is so very keen.
Our virtual world
Has vast layers
Of digitally platformed communication,
Which can easily hide
Dirty deeds, choices
So far away from compassion.

This condition
Is not just reserved
For partisan parties.
It affects every aspect
Of social construction
And economies.

What hope is there
For the population,
To have its human needs
Appropriately sustained,
For growth, reinvestment
And salvation in God’s kingdom?

We must rise in faith strongly
And pray to be forgiven
And for God to make known to us
How to heal our living.

In our economies,  structures,
Communities and especially,
The education of our children,
For our young ones
To be present
With these evil conditions,
Will adversely affect their future
And thus our generations.

Terrible harm is occurring
In the midst of our daily existence!
The acts of this harm
Are the result of us
Not knowing God clearly enough!

If we adults have a misconception of God,
How can we teach our children
The meaning of life in God’s kingdom?
Too much of the acquisition of materiality
Has given credence to
Opportunism in spirituality
And the internet a vehicled web,
To propagate these degraded ideologies.

Our children’s futures
Will be a version of life
So far away from peaceful paths
And the building up of one another,
Unless we can find a way
To live a clear distinction
Between the worship of God
And the material tracks
So many of us in vain
Wish to prosper.

In the light of His sun
God says, “Return to Me,
And I will forgive
Your iniquities.”
This is a choice we must consider
If we want our lives to improve
To peaceful pathways.

©2012 Cindy Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

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