Past, Present, and Future….To ALL Who Communicate

To ALL Who Communicate

Another thought provoking statement…..

Can you see me
For myself?
Or, do you see me
As a label?

Summer flight on foundation

Just because
I’ve contracted with you,
To speak my truth?

Since your paper
Has an imprint
Of condition,
Should maybe
I change
To another medium?

You are a business
All the same,
Advertising your wares
Of communication.

Where is neutrality
In the midst of condition?
Why are business organizations
And communication structures,
Steeping partiality like tea,
And so click oriented?
Silence is telling.

I shall defy
Every language
Of political orientation,
And speak my truth
On any platform.

Do you know
I love your way
Of advertising?

And I’m okay with the way
We exchange value
For resource manifestation.

I just won’t be
Maneuvered into any field
Of identification,
Even invisibility recognition.

I thought
I would make
This declaration,
Regardless how you perceive
My communication,
Even though
You’ve included me
In the power
Of your placement.

©2012 Cindy Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

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