Team Up For Safety…A Song From Swallow.

Team Up For Safety

Swallow came by
To impart a perspective,
To keep us safe
Through air streams
Of eloquent competition.

I believe I came a bit too close to Swallow’s hearth as he began singing in protest!

Swallow sings of
Protecting oneself,
The hearth and the home
In one’s surroundings.

If we find ourselves perched
On a barbed wire fence,
We must relax,
In unassuming confidence.

We must then activate
That keen awareness,
That God is giving us,
As His wind blows through
Our flight apparatus.

I love Swallow’s irridescent plumage!

In so doing,
We’ll know
When barbs exist
On either side of us.

If we find ourselves between
Communication machines,
One to the right,
And one to the left,

We must make clear
Our true voice,
That one crying out
Inside of us.

It is so amazing to me, when one of God’s creatures presents it’s energy to us! This is such a God given gift and blessing!

We must speak it plainly
Every chance we get!
The barbs to the right
Will color our flight
And the barbs to the left
Influence the rest…

Thank you God
For Swallow’s warning system,
To help make clear
Our independence,
In this colorful game
Of chess politics!

Mind you,
No disrespect intended!
Competition breeds wiles
For political plays inventive.

A Presidential race
Is what it is,
Towards the end
Of an election!

©2012 Cindy Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

By the way, discover the habitat of Tree Swallows!

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