Conditions Are Present For The Demise Of Social Media And The Erosion Of The American Voice.

The Erosion Of The American Voice

I woke last night
In the wee hours
Of the morning
And felt a heavy
Due to a sense
Of foreboding…..

What I am going to post
Is extremely thought provoking
But if I don’t say it,
We all could be worse off
In our future communicating!

Social media
And its virtual platform
Is a perfect
Subliminal vehicle

People in power
Harness the skill of sorcerers
And their ability
To channel energy
To grow their expanse of reach
In approval ratings.
By making sure any threat
To the power of their voice
Is eroded
Through energetic intimidation
And psychic bullying,
Through conditions
Of attachment to our
Virtual pathways.

This is happening
Over our internet podiums,
Like Twitter, and Facebook,
And our blogging soapboxes.

Social media platforms
Are a double edge sword!
An expansive way
For American folks
To communicate,
Or a perfect place
To undermine the visibility
Of one’s face!

Does your voice have value
Others want to take?
Be careful
It can easily be eroded
By the control of those
Who may want to “like” you
Because there is a person
Or a group,
Who wants to defeat
Your right to speak!

They cause the death
Of your potential
Twitter followers
By positioning
Strategic Twitter followers
To your account
To energetically
Deter the growth
Of “who”
You are about!

Social media’s demise
Is happening
Our Constitution is eroding
Right beneath our noses
And it’s being affected
In the very places
We speak daily our voices.

Our blogs, Facebook
Our tweets on Twitter
Are all being hooked
At some time or another
For reasons to profit
Or to acquire power,
By less worthy users,
Internet polluters.

Social media
Because of its platform
Is a perfect attenuator
For less worthy engagement fasteners
Like buttons and Twitter “Followings”
Become opportunities for
Falsely intended,
Sub-conscious stimulators
Of aggressive value seekers
Voice defeaters!

Can these vast media companies
Police these conditions?
Not easily!
It’s a sub-conscious vein
Of propagating communication
And it’s growing stealthily.

What will happen to our future
Virtual pathways?
If we don’t address this now
Social unrest will emerge
Out of this place
And breath into our society.

People will feel
They’re being cheated,
Out of  a right to live
Their American freedoms,
The one’s we’ve fought so hard
To maintain through our Constitution.

©2012 Cindy Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

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One Response to Conditions Are Present For The Demise Of Social Media And The Erosion Of The American Voice.

  1. Interesting article in The Guardian, today, about the misrepresentations of communication on social media platforms. See the link below.

    The poem above I think is a critical message for the “need” to clean up the usage of internet communication. Law enforcement and social media platforms need to consider the safety of internet users of their services.

    I’m not talking just about tweets. I’m talking about the broader spectrum of sending and receiving communication virtually, and all the loopholes intruders can use to amplify their misuse of such platforms!

    This also pertains to the action of “following,” a social media user. Is the act of “following” or “liking,” a social media user and their voice, with integrity and sincere interest, or is it to target or harass????? I think this is critical!

    Number six: deceptive tweets (and other misrepresentations)

    A tweet containing a false statement that induces another person to act on it may offend laws against deceit and the making of misrepresentations. A duty may also arise for a professional or other skilled person not to make careless tweets. Misleading commercial communications may offend either the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008, the Business Protection from Misleading Marketing Regulations 2008 and industry based advertising rules. Untrue tweets in a commercial context can result in damages claims and prison sentences of up to two years.

    The test: Is the tweet deceptive in nature or likely to deceive?

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