A Tribute To Animal Farm, by George Orwell

Animal Farm.  “Orwell called the book ‘a fairy story.’  Like Voltaire’s Candide, however, with which it bears comparison, it is too many other things to be so handily classified.  It is also a political tract, a satire on human folly, a loud hee-haw at all who yearn for Utopia, an allegorical lesson, and a pretty good fable in the Aesop tradition.  It is also a passionate sermon against the dangers of political innocence.  The passage in which the loyal but stupid workhorse, Boxer, is sold to be turned into glue….”

Two cloud masses converged over the “L” side of Mount Jumbo, Missoula, Montana. The meeting is two heads, a fox on top and a ram beneath. The very tip of the fox’s snout is the eye of the ram. June 2012 A lovely day for a hike.

A fox and a ram
Heads together over the land
Are planning the future
Of a structure’s hand.

Their illusion troupe
Works at the farm,
Herding creatures,
Organizing their feed,
According to the voice
Of importance.

The structure provides housing
Education flavored partisan,
But there is care,
So the animals stay warm.

If one oversteps its bounds,
It’ll be trouble
Just as if
It wandered into,
“Mr, McGregor’s Garden.”

The structure that provides,
Marks behavior
With indirect penalizing,
Entertainment becomes limited
The voice of television redirected
To channels ordered
By the voice of authority,
Partial jurisdiction.

“Where is my voice,”
Cries the horse in its stall.
Heeing and hawing,
Hind legs and all,
Gone is the origin
The “New World,”
Country created celebration,
Of independence.

The virtual roadway
Is taken away
Sustained by a method of force
That’s passive.
Search engines,
Communication on podiums,
Become vehicles governed,
By the structure.

So the inhabitants
Have no choice
But to run,
Back to their stalls,
Their pens, their corrals,
Tails between their legs.

This is no home
It is instead a controlling place,
Where a living is caused
In such a way
That founding doctrine of cherished rights
Carved in stone from long ago
Is no longer seen,
Webs and weavings
Cover its face.

Is it better
For the animals
To run wild?
What does it matter?
In God’s Kingdom
They have a choice
A will called “Freedom,”

And God speaks to them.
And they to Him.
“Is it You, LORD,
Or one of Your Saints,
Buddha, perhaps,
Imparting such grace
A funnel cloud coming down
Over the land.
We see, Lord,
Thank you
For this blessing
Of communication.”
Somewhere, Utopia stands.

I was looking east one day while hiking on Blue Mountain, Missoula Montana. And it appeared to me that this cloud spoke Buddha sitting dead center, imparting a funnel of grace over the valley.

So what does it matter
The animals know where they are.
In the land of the free,
The countryside, forests, creeks,
Meadows, and the prairie.

In the summer, calm waters, Rattlesnake Creek, July 2012 Missoula Montana.

An early evening walk on “The Sunlight Loop,” Waterworks, Missoula, Montana. July 2012

He opens His door
Of Heavenly light
Where joy and love
Are so much more
Peace, respect,
And regard for life.

©2012, Cindy Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

Bibliography:  Orwell, George, Animal Farm, Published by The Penguin Group, New York, USA 1946.  Preface by Russell Baker,  opening quotation on page vi.

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3 Responses to A Tribute To Animal Farm, by George Orwell

  1. An excellent review and tribute to “Boxer,” who exemplifies the degree of passion and loyalty to true ideals as described in the quote below.


    “Animal Farm is not, at its core, an attack on utopias or even on communism; that reading is far too simplistic. Old Major, for example, is portrayed positively throughout the book. Orwell was a committed socialist. And that, I think, is why he could write this book and give it this much power. Animal Farm is the story of betrayal of ideals, of the way leaders in general and Stalin in particular can hijack a longing for a better world and turn it into a different tool of oppression. If it were written by someone who believed only in free-market capitalism, it would be a polemic. It’s Boxer and the desire to believe that gives it all of its emotional depth, making it a tragedy.”

  2. “The Twelve Disciples and Instructions for Service in the Gospel of Matthew has a valuable verse in 10:16, that helps us understand the discernment a population needs for awareness, so as not to be seduced by the use of words and the manipulation of their meanings within a social construction or geographical environment.

    16 “Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves; so be shrewd as serpents and innocent as doves.

    For example, the true meaning of words “good will,” “love” and “support” often times become manipulated; turned into tools used to acquire power.

    Who loses? The population loses! The population that was deceived into believing the offer of intent from the source of those words. Without proper discernment, a population becomes the victim because they lose what they truly need, and that is the true meaning in those words.

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