The Polarities Of Life

The Polarities Of Life

Where there is darkness
There is light
Where exists warmth
There exists ice

We are to know
The polarities of life,
To know the existence
of God’s light.

An unworthy vibration
Continues proliferation,
And is driven through
The vehicles of politics,
Religion, commercialism
And consumerism.

These harmful energies
Affect communities
Groups and people
Right down to minute

The desire for power
Is way out of control
And power abusers
Full of greed,

Use crafty ways
Of manipulation and seduction,
For their agendas
To rock n’ roll.

Deep jealousies
Promote sexual sorcery tricks.
And a fathomless need for acceptance
For the ego’s side of greatness,
Drives people to engage
Abusive power trips.

Unless we choose God
In our relationships,
We’ll continue to experience
The effects of this gamut.

Pray to God
For His light
To embolden discernment,
To flood our reason,

When our bodies begin
To feel these manipulations,
Influences, seductions of treason,
That rise up so subtly
Out of the depths
Of Sheol.

Pray for life
That is good and right
The Light of God
Is life.

©2012 Cindy Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

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