Whispers In Kindred

Whispers In Kindred

Who are we
When blood connections
Judge us?

In the pool of human consciousness,
Aren’t we just people
With minds and bodies
In the place of human frailty
Along side our spirits?

Why then does family
Examine and dismiss,
Instead of love and support us?

How can we
Feel like giving
Love and support,
To those in our family

Who whisper judgements
That defeat human dignity
And create distance
From those who love us?

Oh that the LORD
Be with us,
To bless our minds
And make known to our bodies
Understanding and compassion,

To save us
From such loneliness.

Wh0 I am?
I am an extender,
Of conflict engagement.

©2013 C E Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

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