Our Future Food Chain?

In the wood,

Drifted and dry,

The face of a fish,

Looks with his eye,

At human choices

In earth’s time.

The face of a fish in the wood of a dead tree.

The face of a fish in the wood of a dead tree.

Selector and selectee

Is both predator and prey,

Someone or something

Is always hungry

In the never ending survival foray.

Diets have been handed down

Scientifically,  for centuries,

But a changing world of human consciousness

By man’s creativity for greed,

Has caused selection

To take a turn towards

Strange consumerism.

I am sure examples abound, prolifically,

And one causes me to speak plainly.

Vanity for youth, glory, power and money,

Has become this crazy,

Power driven insanity.

For example,

Why do peoples 

Need to know the personal existence

Of a person,

On national T. V.?

I am speaking of course

To shows called “Reality.”

In deference to entertainment,

Yes, we all are comical

To some degree,

But if this is a priority

For the viewing population,

No wonder personal living

Has become so filled with insanity.

Are we not polluting the earth

By living a polluted consumerism,

So far away 

From what GOD’s Will

Intends for us to be?

We will consume ourselves

By ruining our own living

With delusions of personal godliness identity,

Unless we change.

Look at our earth’s

Degradation and destruction already in play!

Our woodlands are being eaten 

By invasive insect populations.

Schools of sea creatures

Wash up dead on beaches,

And our pollinators are disappearing significantly.


And this has been

Widely considered already,

Man is on a path

To face great extinction.

Drift wood on a dry stream bank.  Looks like the body of a fish.

Drift wood on a dry stream bank. Looks like the body of a fish.

WE are the only ones

To manifest changes

In human consciousness.

©2014 C. E. Eksuzian, all rights reserved.





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