The Jealousy Game



How long does it take,

To understand a field of play….?

Power plays dirty,

And creates a frame.

It employs a driver,

Of a great, power hummer,

To divert jealousy

Away from desire,

And send it to

Another’s living.

The entire,  jealousy fruition,

Has many unsuspecting victims,

In such a foray.

A few nights ago,

In sleep,

I saw a green team’s

Deployment activity.

Green people 

In dark sunglasses,

Green outfits 

With green hats,

And green shoe laces.

They were targeting

Their green beams

Of jealous, emotional cream

Called envy,

Through rifles, arrows,

And long green hoses.

Were they doing a job 

For jealous bosses?

No matter,

If they all could only see,

How affected they are 

By their own jealousy.

Nothing like soon to be, summer ripened, tomatoes.

Nothing like soon to be, summer ripened, tomatoes.

So typical, 

This political brain.

To keep your dreams clean,

Pray for….

Love and light

Filled only by Him,

His everlasting loving kindness

Pervades every seam,

Of though and feeling

In every dream,

Creating protection

For peaceful sleep,

And safety, 

From jealous schemes.

Yours Truly.

Fabulous Zinnas.

Fabulous Zinnas.

©2014 C.E. Eksuzian, all rights reserved.


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