The Depth To Life

Depth to life

Brings peace in sighs…

Dalia's are a great annual addition to any flower garden!

Dalia’s are a great annual addition to any flower garden!

When I round the corner

Of the mint border,

The lawn mower  

Chugs on by…

I  will know the scent

Of heavenly life 

In the sweet herbs

Of Nature’s ride.

The air is full,

A moisture pool,

A green, grassy, woodsy jewel.

The scent is pure.

I love it here, 

In the western hills.

Shower systems hang on.

We need a break of sun,

For the next batch 

Of lettuce to come.

The beets are up,

Healthy greens

For salad dreams, soon.

Bunny rabbit play

Has found a way

To knock down 

A section of fence

By the garden.

Lucky we’re safe

Just a few nibbles or so,

On Jack in the bean stalk’s face,

Fortification with ski poles,

Has secured the fence.

Pete and Jenny Rabbit 

Munch longingly on grass,

As they eye

The other delectable treats

For consumption.

Carpenter bees

Bore holes in eaves.

Woodpeckers drill

On old wood siding,

There must be food hiding,

Beneath the holes.

The old man keeps going.

Why just yesterday,

He cleaned out the Zinnia beds

For new planting.

Oh yes,

Stately gent

Sits so pleasant,

By the big window.

Miss Butterfly

Is comfy by the furnace.

Days come and go,

Nights so tranquil,

Here in the western hills.

Over a month ago,

High summer glowed

In senses.

The air now is Autumn.

Buckets of rain

Will bring color trains,

To hardwood forests

In New England.

©2014 C. E. Eksuzian, all rights reserved.




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