Untrustworthy Internet Escalates Sacrifices and Possible Future Use

When we, as a consumer or a business, purchase a domain registration in order to promote our voice and visual identity, and/or to sell our products over the internet, who are we really buying these services from, and, is the domain registration in our name??  In living our identity, one should consider these internet communication purchases are presumed to be as vitally important as purchasing a home or a physical place of business, right?

We must also ask ourselves, when we make a decision to promote our identity over the internet, is the choice we are contemplating the most opportune and appropriate vehicle to build our identity?

How many consumers have attempted to build an identity over the internet, where by their identity has been stifled, misled, misconstrued and taken financially advantage of by dishonest internet service providers and/or dishonest internet users?  How many consumers have had to sacrifice their efforts, or, spend their hard, earned money starting all over from scratch?  I bet that I am not alone.

Foregone Efforts

Foregone Efforts

What will emerge over time, is the lack of trust in the internet being a safe communications engine.   Consumers will use it less and less to promote themselves and their businesses.  Therefore communications vistas will emerge and  open pathways for other communications technologies that are safer, and more reliable to promote communications needs of consumers, businesses and our government.

The damage to identity and to the pocket books of consumers from internet fraud is huge and government authorities can’t keep up with or do much about the complaint system.  Has one ever filed an internet complaint with the Federal Trade Commission or the IC3, The Internet Crime Complaint Center, with the hopes of justice being served?  If so, was a response communicated about action being taken to eliminate these kinds of crimes?

For the record, I filed a consumer complaint with The Montana Commissioner of Revenue Services and the Federal Trade Commission against an internet marketing arm of Herbalife, http://www.centurion.com, for framing me for credit card fraud over a year ago.  I still haven’t received a response from either governmental organization as to a course of action.

In terms of safety and reputable communication path viability, the internet has gotten so out of control that according to Leslie Stahl in a 60 Minutes interview with the Military in Montana, Wyoming and North Dakota, the US Military uses very old computer technology to reduce the risk of our country’s weapon systems being compromised.  If the United States Government can’t trust the internet, as consumers, how can we?

Here is my personal story.  When I lived in Montana, I became a part of the local business community.  Being a small business, I desired to contribute to the local economy.  So when I opened my doors for work, as C.E. Eksuzian Sales & Consulting Services, I joined the local Chamber of Commerce to help promote my business and to do business with other local vendors.

I contracted with a local webhosting provider, http://www.townsquaremt.com, who, led me to believe,  I purchased a domain from them with the domain registration in my name.  They offered a wonderful and easy platform to upload my content.  They were also affiliated with the Chambers of Commerce in Montana.  Because of this, I was under the impression that they were reputable.  Hence, I felt good that I was doing local business with local business providers.

A representative from http://www.townsquaremt.com came to my home, where I lived in Butte, MT, and consulted with me on the purchase of my domain and the use of their webhosting services.  He helped me understand how I could manage my content via the versatile and attractive template configurations he offered for webpage design.  I was very satisfied at the time.  I paid a very reasonable $50.00 a month for their services, asit was  described to me as a perk for being a member of the Butte Chamber of Commerce.

Welcome to C E Eksuzian Sales & Consulting Services

Welcome to C E Eksuzian Sales & Consulting Services

I didn’t understand the consequence, nor the implications of this business decision that I made in December of 2012 until some time had passed.  The truth of the matter revealed itself shortly after I left Montana.  Another individual had control of my website and has been holding it hostage.   I had given him all of my content.  He was controlling the traffic to and from my website.  The whole time I paid for his webhosting services I kept wondering why I had very little traffic on my website.  Why was my Alexa rank “0”?  Why was my page rank “0”?  Why wasn’t I getting responses from customers I solicited in person, to contact me through my website?  The question that ran through my mind was, why wasn’t my website going anywhere?  In the last 6 months and to no avail, I have tried to contact this individual via telephone, email and most recently certified mail.  All of my pleas for a return communication have been ignored.

Here is the skinny.  I actually paid an individual, a reseller of domain registration services, $15.00 for a domain, http://www.ce-eksuzian.com, that he registered in his name, not mine.  I discovered this by going to the Whois lookup for my domain registration.

TownSquareMT file submission.

TownSquareMT file submission.

There are two google listings, http://www.temp.townsquaremt.com and http://www.temp.townsquaremt.com/contact/ when you search for ce-eksuzian.com.  These pages are now a dead end,  and yet visable on the internet.  They are also a mere construction of my original attempt to build the business identity I created, C. E. Eksuzian Sales & Consulting Services.

Who is the registrant of ce-eksuzian.com?

Who is the registrant of ce-eksuzian.com?


How do we as consumers protect and project who we originally are over the internet?  How can we as consumers have trust in the internet being a reliable communications platform, when crimes such as these continue to multiply every day?

Deacon Buckner, it would be wonderful if you would contact me and let me know if you are going to allow ce-eksuzian.com to expire or return the registration to me?

Deacon Buckner, it would be wonderful if you would contact me and let me know if you are going to allow ce-eksuzian.com to expire or return the registration as noted in the above “whois screenshot” to me?

For the record, and especially in regards to internet communication, I, Cindy Eksuzian, am the one who says who I am.  I am a creator of more than just poetry.  I am a photographer of nature, natural events, and especially spiritual events in nature.  I sell photography crafts, framed and unframed photography prints and canvases of my photographs.  I am an Herbalife Distributor.  I have a Masters Degree in Negotiations and Dispute Resolution and I am a conflict engager!!  I love to sing and play the guitar.  Despite the raging bull one may sometimes perceive in my writing, I am really a good person and the people who choose to get to know me with sincerity, get this.

Frankly, unless an organization of authority takes the bull by the horns to stop the propagation of these conditions of virtual crime, the unsafe, unreliable, out of control virtual roadway dubbed, “The Internet,” will become obsolete.  Why?  Consumers won’t have the trust to use it anymore.  Herein lies another reason that our current  American Constitution will sink further into uselessness.

I hope my unfortunate experience and communication of it through this post will help others who have had similar experiences using the internet.

©2014 C.E. Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

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Deacon Buckner, how would you like to do the right thing and return my domain registration, http://www.ce-eksuzian.com back to me?




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